Who is Donald Trump

Donald Trump is every used car salesman who sold you a piece of junk.

Donald Trump is the realtor who encouraged you to buy more house than they knew you could afford and finance it with an adjustable rate mortgage.

Donald Trump is the partner who cheated on you and then told you it was your fault.

Donald Trump is the older guy who commented a bit too much about how beautiful you were as a kid.

Donald Trump is the kid whose ass you kicked in basketball and Monopoly who claimed he “let you win.”

Donald Trump is the boss who lets you go an hour early on Christmas Eve after you worked 60 hours that week.

Donald Trump is the person who gives a waiter a 10% tip and says “I only tip 15% for excellent service.”

Donald Trump is the guy who orders a filet mignon well done and puts ketchup on it.

Donald Trump is the father who promises he’ll make it to your ball game, who shows up the last inning and spends his entire time standing behind the bleachers on business calls.

Donald Trump is the boyfriend who opens credit cards in your name, ruins your credit, and skips town.

Donald Trump is the guy who turns his job-killing, company destroying bad decisions into a golden parachute when the company goes under.

Donald Trump is the salesman who sold your parents $100 HDMI cables and $75 installation for their Blu-Ray player because they’d “have a lousy picture otherwise.”

Donald Trump is the guy who picks up the phone on those “press 1 for a lower interest rate calls.”

Donald Trump is the dad who tells your wedding dress makes you look fat.

Donald Trump is the relative who tells you “I’m not racist, some of my best friends are……”

Donald Trump is the guy who whistles at women walking by and says “smile” when they give him a dirty look.

Donald Trump is the guy who doesn’t do his homework and sends his parents to verbally abuse a teacher for giving him a D.

Donald Trump is the guy who lights up a cigar in the children’s ward of a hospital.

Donald Trump is the guy who proposes to his introvert girlfriend on the Jumbotron.

Donald Trump is the guy who double dips in the salsa.

Donald Trump is the guy who sits in front of you at the concert you payed $200 a ticket for and talks the entire time.

Donald Trump is the guy who responds to your story about the amount of pain your parent who is dying of cancer is in by telling you about the time he threw out his back.

Donald Trump is the guy who steals your lunch from the fridge at work.

Donald Trump is the kid who bullshitted his way through a book report and got a B because his dad is a big donor.

Donald Trump is the guy at the meeting who spends his entire time on his smartphone and then calls you later and asks you to tell him what he missed.

Donald Trump is the guy who tells a cop “do you know who I am? I’ll have your badge for this” after being stopped for doing 30 over.

Donald Trump is the boss who watches you work 80 hour weeks on a project for months and then takes credit for its success.

Donald Trump is awful.

Donald Trump is a misogynist.

Donald Trump is a racist.

Donald Trump is a narcissist.

Donald Trump is intellectually incurious.

Donald Trump is a liar.

Donald Trump surrounds himself with the worst people.

Donald Trump is dangerous.

Donald Trump is un-American.

Donald Trump is the furthest thing from Presidential.

Donald Trump is the wrong choice this election day.

Vote for Hillary Clinton for President.

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