Cryoow! dolls

Cryoow! dolls are dolls we create according to drawings sent to us by artists –big or small. Our goal is to bring the drawings to life; something you can play with, hug and love. A doll that you designed yourself, hence the name Cryoow! = CRreate YOur OWn!
BUT Cryoow! is much more than just a doll! Our aim is to offer save and creative working conditions to our seamstresses. For us it is very important how these dolls are produced. In our Atelier in Bali we offer our seamstresses a good and healthy working environment, fair salaries, 13. month salary, maternity leave for 3 month with full salary payment, free education about how to produce the Cryoow! dolls and full salary during the learning process. Why is our workshop in Bali? Because we live in Bali! The Cryoow! workshop is in our private tropical garden in a wooden house on 50 square meters. The working space and how the production of the dolls is organized is created by our seamstresses because we belief that a nice and self created working space is supportive for the creativity they need to produce the dolls. We started this project because we see the urgent need of good jobs for women here in Bali so they can support their families. Like in many parts of the world women are still not respected as they should and are often neglected. You can find stories about this sad fact all over the internet from all around the world! We want to change that where we live in a sustainable way and with your support.

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Cryoow! doll and drawing
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