As the first month without an airdrop passed by, one can say that the project did great! The number of merchants who take part in Byteball’s CashBack Program rose to 9, a wordpress payment plugin was released by user byteballington and crypto payment provider CoinPayments started to support paying in Bytes, Byteball’s native currency. The wallet software just had it’s 38th release, with v1.11.1 being the current version. This release contains several bugfixes and improvements — and one important new function: single-address wallets. These wallets have only one address and the change always returns to the same address. For many users, the concept of the change going to a new address after each transaction was confusing, and with single-address wallets, they get a more familiar experience, even though this comes at the expense of privacy. But the main motivation to add single-address wallets is to support applications that require a stable identity. From manual oracles to asset naming, we’ll soon see a lot of new features using this!

The wallet’s built-in bot store had some nice additions as well:

• Zork I game

Slice&Dice MUD

LuckyBytes the provable fair lottery

Betting bot for sports fixtures

• Blackbytes Exchange BEEP (trustful)

• Blackbytes Exchange FREEBE (semi-trustless).

So we see a lot of contributions from third-party developers, which is a good thing!

That’s all for now, folks. Don’t forget to grab your free Bytes and Blackbytes on the next full moon: the snapshot for distribution round #10 is scheduled for 4 November 2017 at 05:23 UTC. See for details!


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