[Campaign] New Event [ETH Cup] Now Open!

Hello Crypton Owners!

We have a brand-new event rolling out today, the [ETH Cup]. For those of you who liked our previous ETH event, we have increased the ETH prizes so for sure check it out if interested, especially if you missed out on the last one. Check below for the details!

※Campaign participation is optional.

The top 6 ranked Crypton from the qualifiers will be chosen to race in the finals.

Qualifying Crypton will be automatically entered into the race finals.

The race finals will be cancelled if at least 6 owners do not qualify.

Campaign Prizes

•The final’s 1st place winner will receive 5 ETH and the EX Legacy [ETH Cup Champion (Speed +2, Power +2, Stamina +2)] ※Limited to 1 person

•The final’s 2nd place winner will receive 1 ETH ※Limited to 1 person

•The final’s 3rd place winner will receive 0.5 ETH ※Limited to 1 person

•All campaign participants will receive the EX Legacy [ETH Cup Participant (+2% Skill Fire Rate)]

Participation rewards will be distributed to Crpyton who participated in the ETH Cup qualifiers.

All prizes will be distributed after the race finals have finished

See you at the races!

The Crypt-Oink Team