[Info]Schedule (Feb~) & Update Roadmap

Welcome back Crypton Owners, we’re here to give the low down on more updates and our planned schedule for February. Get Hype!

Upon looking at the player data and also your opinions, we’ve made large changes to how Crypton can be nursed, and way races are helpthe racing. Coupled with new features, we’re moving into the second phase of Gran Ton Rismo (aka Crypton Racing)!

Learn more about our large scale Updates:

Now, for some heavy news:

After our February 4th update, your Crypton’s age and their training stats..will be reset. Yes. Reset. However, this will never happen again, quote us on that.

February 4th

・Update!(Beta Phase 2) ┗ ┗New Feature: ┗New Feature: Inheritable Legacy! ┗New Feature: (in-game currency) ┗New Feature: Practice Mode! ・League Races ・Event Races ・The Monthly Cup

February 11th

・New Special Crypton Giveaway!

February 14th

・League Races ・Event Races

February 21th

・League Races

February 28th

・League Races ・Event Races

2019 Q1

・Official release

We’re super excited for more of these features and events to come into Crypt-Oink with this update and we hope you are too!

Join our community, give us your feedback, and we’ll see you in the race!


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Thanks for reading till the end! We hope you continue to enjoy Crypton and are excited for more fun features!


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『Cryptons』are supperr cute collectible, breedable pigs that exists within the Ethereum universe.