[Event]Crypt-Oink launches new iOS & Android App with a special Campaign just for you! First 2000 Installers get ETH!

Campaign summary

The first 2000 people who download the new Crypt-Oink App will receive 0.01ETH as a present upon backing up their Keystore
Period: UTC 4/16 (Tue) 07:00 to 5/7 (Tue) 06:00

Participation requirements
・ Crypt-Oink App Download
・ Create account
・ Back up your account (see instructions below)

But that’s not all! We’re offering two other changes to win ETH!

  1. By taking part in our Daily Bonus upon logging in, you will be entered into a lottery to win 0.1ETH as a gift! Occurring everyday during the campaign period!
    Period: UTC 4/16 (Tue) 7:00 to 4/25 (Thu) 15:00
  2. Those who retweet the CryptOink App Release Campaign tweet will be entered into a lottery to win 0.5ETH as a gift!

Period: UTC 4/16 (Tue) 7:00 to 4/25 (Thu) 15:00

Download the New Crypt-Oink App for iOS & Android!



Participate in the campaign by Backing up your Account

▼ From Downloading the Crypt-Oink app on iOS or Android..

  1. Select “Start Crypton”

2. Set a password, agree to the the terms of use, create an account.
Note: You can always connect an existing ETH Address (Meta Mask, Trust etc..) by inputting the ETH’s Private Key and Password from Import Account

How to backup

1. Select an account from the settings screen.

2. Select “Back up Keystore” and enter your password.

3. Select “Back up” to save all relevant text.
※ Please secure the information as not to lose it.
※ If lost, this cannot be restored.


  • Those who have already installed and created an account are also eligible. (Just choose “Import Account” and Backup Keystore)
  • Backed up accounts are those that become eligible for the ETH reward.
  • Upon confirmation of Backup and non-fraudulence, ETH will be sent to the relevant account.
  • Multiple accounts stemming from one user will result in all entries being voided.
  • The campaign will end with or without notice once ETH has been delivered to the first 2000 Installers.

The new Crypt-Oink iOS & Android App was made possible via collaboration with tokenPocket!

Feel free to contact us anytime via the following link: