[Event]Crypt-Oink x Axie Infinity Collabo!

You heard read right folks.

We’ve teamed up with Axie-Infinity for our first cross-cultural collaboration on the Blockchain.

Our joint giveaway starts from March 22st 01:00 GMT until March 28th 01:00 PM GMT.

Click here for more info!

During that time we’re awarding fans of both games with Exclusive NFTs!

From Axie Infinity

Perhaps you’re already aware of how “Land” will soon be coming to the world of LUNA (Pre-sale still on-going!). Battles, adventures, treasures and more will occur allowing friends to connect and explore together. We’re pretty excited for them!

Thus within the Axie Universe you can now obtain a special Crypton (NFT) item which can be placed on your plot and strengthen your Axies. However, you must own a Crypton! To find out more, check out this form from Axie Infinity.

While this is simply the first step, we look forward to deepening the interaction between the two game universes!

From the Crypt-Oink Team

Initial rough sketch!

In thinking how best to represent Axie within Crypton, we thought of integrating just Axie-esque parts, but then realized that our current framework allow us to put an Axie itself atop Crypton! Say hello to Puff as an “AxTon”!

From there we began the 3D modeling process..

And then, put in some variety for flavor..

If you know how Crypton work, you know they each have their own set of parameters as well as skills that are executed in Crypton Racing, these unique AxTons are no different! Read up on some of the skills we have lined up for ya:

・Puff Bomb (Black)— Stall your opponents in place
・Puff Berserk (Red)— Get an additional boost in power at the right time
・Puff Guarantee (Blue)— Become shielded against enemy attacks
・Puff Poison (Yellow)— Reduce Speed and Stamina of Rival Crypton

These special limited edition and limited in number Axton can be yours only IF you own a Axie during our special campaign period (March 21st to March 28th)

Got what it takes to take home The Infinity Cup?

Within Crypton Racing, Axie is sponsoring a custom race! The Infinity Cup. The race is open only to those who have an AxTon with prelims occurring during the first the campaign period, and finals on March 29th. Grab your AxTon and head to the track!

We’re always looking for new players and new opportunities, play and get in touch with us via the following!

website : https://www.crypt-oink.io/
twitter(JP) : https://twitter.com/CryptOink_JP
twitter(EN) : https://twitter.com/CryptOink_EN
telegram: https://t.me/CryptoOink
discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/3RA6MMw
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CryptOinkJP/