[event]Crypt-Oink x CryptoKitties w/Dapper Wallet Exclusive Collabo is here!!

You may have heard the rumors, and now we’re back with the action!

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As we seek to extend our reach Overseas, we’ve partnered up with Dapper Labs to present a new facilitated way for users to experience Crypt-Oink, ie. the Dapper Wallet! To commemorate the partnership, a supurr Collabo between our two games is going downn!!

Is that, a Crypto-”Kitton”?

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Yes, yes it is. A Crypton with a CryptoKitty on it’s back! A “Kit-ton” (get it!?) (Fans of CryptoKitties may notice the rare Purrstige Cat too!)

Initially ONLY 6! Limited Edition Kit-ton will be given out!

“So how do I get one!?” Good Question..

To the Race track!! https://race.crypt-oink.io/

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Click this banner from within Crypt-Oink to access the race!

Dapper Cup Race

If you didn’t know, Crypt-Oink involves buying, selling, trading, and training of digital pigs called “Crypton” via Ethereum. You can also take your Crypton onto our 3D Race track to challenge others!

DapperLabs is sponsoring a race where only those with the Dapper Wallet are eligible. If you win, 1 of 6 of these rare Kit-ton will be yours!
Dapper will also be giving away an additional Purrstige Cat to all 6 winners and a 1-of-a-hundred Special Edition CryptoKitty to the top winners!)

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Dapper Cup Race Specifics:
・Race Requirement:Installation and Utilization of Dapper Wallet
・Preliminary Races:6/11 23:00~6/24 6:00 UTC
・Championship Race:6/24 23:00 UTC

If you already have your Dapper Wallet,
Login and Race now!

No Dapper Wallet Yet? No problem, get it here!

But wait, there’s more! There’s always more!

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To speak more on their rarity, Crypto-Kitton will hold a rare “Kitton” gene that can only be obtained by breeding with these specific NFTs and special newly released “Robo” parts. Keep an eye on our Official Shop and best of luck trying to breed a Kitton!

We hope the addition of the Dapper Wallet and this collaboration brings new added fun to the game. See you on the race track!
🏁🐖 💨 💨

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Just what is the Dapper Wallet??

Dapper Wallet provides a facilitated way to browse the world of decentralized games from the security of Ethereum-based smart contracts. Directly purchase Cryptocurrency through the wallet, and also enjoy no GAS fees!
Learn more here!

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[About Crypt-Oink]

Crypt-Oink is Japan’s first blockchain game on the Ethereum network featuring crypto collectibles called Cryptons that can be bred, collected and traded. Over 3 trillion of these pig-like creatures exist with various colours and patterns. Cryptons can also trained to augment parameters affecting their strength in “Gran Ton Rismo”, Crypt-Oink’s 3D racing game.

The blockchain game was created by Good Luck 3, the Japan-based developer behind popular games such as Gudetama Quest.

Crypt-Oink can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices.

[About CryptoKitties]

CryptoKitties are collectible and breedable digital cats. It’s the world’s first game built on the Ethereum network. When two CryptoKitties breed, their offspring’s appearance and cattributes are determined by each parent’s 256-bit genome and an element of chance, leading to 4-billion possible genetic variations.

CryptoKitties was created by the team at Dapper Labs to explore the concept of digital scarcity, implement a non-fungible token within smart contracts ERC-721, and make blockchain technology accessible to everyday consumers.

『Cryptons』are supperr cute collectible, breedable pigs that exists within the Ethereum universe.

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