[Info]”ETH Cup 3rd” Results.

Hey Hey everyone!

So as you all know we’ve been holding a new type of race in Gran Ton Rismo called the ETH Cup where racers had a chance to win ETH as the big grand prize.

Well, we had an exciting qualifiers where we saw various Crypton vying for the top, some dropping and some rising unexpectedly. In the end though only six remained: Payao(Payb), Greeeen(ダイコク),Bton(Huhuhu), パイン(ソンギリ1世), zenis(zniton), and むんびらとん(こんトンG).

In the end though, only one remained at the top…

Everyone give a big congratulations to Greeeen owned by ダイコク(Daikoku)!

They bested the cream of the crop to come out on top, no small feat, and now get to enjoy their well deserved ETH winnings.

Check out below for a rundown of the final standings.

1st: Greeeen Owner: ダイコク
2nd: Payao Owner: Payb
3rd: zeniton Owner: zenis
4th: パイン Owner: ソンギリ1世
5th: むんびらとん Owner: こんトンG
6th: Bton Owner: Huhuhu

It was a pretty intense race so be sure to check out the replay for a play by play.

Replay: https://race.crypt-oink.io/webapp/live/400800

Hope to see everyone for the next race!
Happy racing,

The Crypt-Oink Team