More information on the Crypt-Oink NFT BuyBack Program

“I‘m having trouble believing the ETH value of a Crypton I purchased will increase…”

Has been a recent concern from some our users.

Thus, hearing you out, we’ve established the 100% Money Back Guarantee program. This is a working program and thus the specifics are still being decided, however what IS planned is shared below!

  1. We intend to insure up to 10000ETH worth of Gen0 Crypton
  2. Crypton purchased from the official marketplace will qualify for BuyBack. 
    (Past, present or future purchases)
  3. Bred Crypton that meet certain conditions dictated by the Crypt-Oink management team will qualify for BuyBack.
  4. A certain amount of time must have elapsed from time of Crypton purchase
  5. The Crypton must be in the Veteran league, or past 10 years of age.

・Which Crypton qualify as well as the the day(s) when BuyBack is eligible will be indicated In-game or via Medium.

・This is NOT a Crypton “Burn” program albeit that is also in the works

Confirmed Gen0 Crypton that qualify for BuyBack

Gran Ton Rismo PreSale Crypton:
・Shiba Racer
・Uniton Racer
Jewelry Collection Crypton:

We hope our BuyBack Program makes you feel a bit more at ease when playing Crypt-Oink. 
More than anything we want our game to be fun, but in the world of blockchain we understand that we must provide value and furthermore that such value must be transferable.

We’ll continue to build upon the game and make Crypt-Oink increasingly more enticing so stay tuned!

— Crypt-Oink Management Team