[info]Shinning like a Diamond in the rough, Crypt-Oink hits #1 in Volume on 4/16!

Be it on the ETH, EOS, or TRON Blockchain, Crypt-Oink admittedly isn’t the biggest decentralized app (Dapp) game out there.
Nevertheless, when we put up big numbers and shine through, we get pretty proud of our achievements.

Today we’d briefly like to touch upon our Diamond Crypton sold for 100 ETH each, and the successful Launch of our iOS & Android App!

#1 in Traded ETH Volume

(Picture taken on 4/16 09:00 UTC)

#3 in 7-Day Overall Volume (ETH, EOS, TRON)

(Picture taken on 4/16 10:00 UTC)

These new Sales Milestones were reached thanks to the successful sale of our Diamond Crypton included in our one-time Jewelry Collection sale.

Each Diamond Crypton was sold at a 100 ETH a piece.

As an additional fun fact, owners of Diamond or other Precious Stone Crypton of the limited Jewelry Collection are eligible to participate in a private Gran Ton Rismo Race for the chance to win REAL, yes real Diamonds! Read more here.

Successful Launch of our iOS & Android App!

Dapps with actual Apps is kind of a rare thing yea?
Well, due to a sound partnership with tokenPocket, we’ve been able to release standalone apps successfully within both the iOS and Android Store! Feel free to download and play below.



Learn more about our special campaign giving away free ETH in celebration of our App release!

We hope the following highlights gets you pumped on the state of Crypt-Oink and demonstrates our ability to surpass our own limits. Thanks for stopping by, more from us soon!



Crypt-Oink Racing Friends(くりぷ豚レーシングフレンズ)

『Cryptons』are supperr cute collectible, breedable pigs that exists within the Ethereum universe.