The Official Starter’s Guide to CryptOink!

Crypt-Oink Team here with a step by step guide to getting set up within CryptOink Racing Friends!

We’ll walk you through the requirements to play, and what’s to be expected upon entering the Crypton universe!

Let’s get started!

First, play a Demo Race!

You’ll get a hands on feel on what the actual Crypton Races are like! No wallet required!

Next here’s our main site!

But for full access, follow the steps below:

1. Grab a CryptoCurrency Wallet

Desktop users: First thing needed to start playing Crypt-Oink is a crypto currency wallet such as MetaMask or Dapper. Both allow you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.
The Easiest way to use MetaMask or Dapper is to download the Chrome Extension, make an account, and then run it straight from your Chrome browser.

Mobile: For mobile devices, download the Crypt-Oink app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Or download a Dapp compatible wallet such as the Trust Wallet. Be sure to save your 12 recovery words! If you lose these, everything within that wallet will be lost!

2. Purchase Ethereum

It’s helpful to have ETH in your wallet which can be purchased at Coinbase or through any other cryptocurrency exchange of your choosing. (Dapper allows you to directly purchase ETH from within the wallet.)

Once obtained, send that ETH over to your wallet connected to Crypt-Oink! This will ultimately allow you to buy Crypton, Breed, and cover transaction fees!

Click here to learn more about Ethereum!

You’re in! Now it’s time to start your Ranch!

Once in the game you will meet “Staff Ton” and receive your first Eggton for free! This is an off chain asset that can not be traded or sold on the market, but it’s a cute a helpful lil’ Crypton that will allow you to understand how the game works. Staff Ton will give you a tour of your Ranch and all the fun things to do within the game!

Racing, Breeding, and More!

Once the tutorial is finished you’ll have free reign and can start playing. There’s lots to do! You can train, race, breed and send your Crypton on Expeditions! Let’s break it down:

Training Races - Races to increase the stats of your Crypton (Speed, Power, Stamina).

Official Races - Races to compete for fame and glory! Unlocked once you’ve reached Owner level 5.

Breeding - Combining two Crypton to create a completely new Crypton. Genetics play a huge part on what the child Crypton will look like so breed carefully! This feature is Unlocked at Owner level 3.

Expeditions - Users can send their Crypton on adventures. During Expeditions, Crypton will travel across various areas throughout the Crypt-Oink world where they have chances to find “Badges”!
Badges add unique abilities to the Crypton that equip them.

That about covers the basics! However, check the Wiki for more in-depth explanations of each aspect to CryptOink!

Feel free to talk to us more on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram for further tips and hints! Good Luck and see you on the race track!

— The CryptOink Crew

Crypt-Oink Racing Friends(くりぷ豚レーシングフレンズ)

Written by

『Cryptons』are supperr cute collectible, breedable pigs that exists within the Ethereum universe.

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