Crypt-ON partners with TOKPIE

Nov 6, 2018 · 2 min read

This partnership aims to boost Crypt-ON bounty campaign and i-Point (IPT) Token Sale.

TOKPIE is the fast developing platform that provides, among other things, bounty stakes trading service to bounty hunters and early investors.

Crypt-ON is a P2P platform built on blockchain technology to provide safe and secure trades in cryptocurrency. Crypt-ON is aimed at a wide range of users — from beginner crypto-enthusiasts and freelancers to investors and managers of blockchain projects. This is a place where people meet, make deals, get loans for their projects, exchange digital assets for money, and look for

work or performers for their tasks, all by using cryptocurrency for payments.

To facilitate the Crypt-ON Bounty Campaign and Token Sale, TOKPIE will allow current and future hunters engaged to the Crypt-ON Blog & Media bounty to deposit up to 50% of their stakes as soon as they earned (weekly) and exchange for ETH on the TOKPIE platform.

Crypt-ON CEO, Paul Andreev, said: “We believe the additional exposure to TOKPIE’s community is the perfect match for us to ensure the successful running of our bounty campaign and i-Point (IPT) token sale.’’

TOKPIE CEO, Vasilii Silin added: ‘’TOKPIE are very pleased to be partnering with Crypt-ON and the opportunity to attract new users to our platform as well as introducing the Crypt-ON Token sale to our existing audience.’’

The Crypt-ON token sale has already been a huge success, with vast coverage in the online crypto media and almost closed Soft Cap.

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