Crypt-ON: who are we?

Despite the growing awareness of people about cryptocurrencies, the level of their practical application is still not very high. The reasons are some problems and risks inherent in digital assets (poorly developed legal regulation, high volatility) and the lack of solutions that combine different activities in the crypto industry.

We, the team of the Crypt-ON project bringing together professionals from different countries, see the solution to these problems in the creation of the p2p platform, offering users a variety of services that use cryptocurrency for payments.

Platform Crypt-ON includes 4 of the service — Escrow trades, p2p lending, crypto freelance job exchange and p2p geo-exchange (exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat with a search by geolocation).

In p2p systems, people interact directly, on the basis of the consent of all parties. Crypt-ON implements this model of interaction by smart-contracts, containing the terms of transactions. Thanks to smart-contracts, you can straight, without intermediaries, enter into transactions, take loans, hire performers and exchange cryptocurrency for fiat.

Also, we plan to create a single rating of borrowers, sellers and performers — honest, transparent and objective. To do this, the mechanics of the platform will use a trust-token — a particular token that contains records of all operations of the platform user and displayed in the form of a rating.

In case of disputes arising during the execution of transactions, a system of arbitration is provided for the resolution of contradictions. Its mechanism will evolve and improve as the project develops, striving for maximum decentralization.

The mission of Crypt-ON is to unite people from all over the world involved in the crypto industry, allowing them to interact with partners quickly, safely and comfortably in a variety of areas at all stages of cooperation.