Paul Andreev at Blockchain Life 2018 in St. Petersburg

2 min readNov 26, 2018

On November 7–8 in Russia, in St. Petersburg, the international forum Blockchain Life 2018 was held.

This event brought together several thousand experts, crypto enthusiasts, representatives of startups and traditional financial institutions.
Paul Andreev, a Crypt-ON CEO, also paid attention to this event and shared his impressions about the visit. First of all, he noted the generally positive feelings of the organization of the event. The forum turned out to be a mass event, as it stated in the programme, a large number of people involved in the blockchain industry one way or another gathered here. It is also worth adding an extensive list of eminent speakers who shared their experience with the audience and raised issues relevant to today’s industry. One of these speakers was Roger Ver — acting CEO of, whom Paul Andreev meet not the first time during a visit to essential blockchain events.

During the conference, the prospects of the crypto-currency market, ways of earning, problems of legal regulation and many other issues of concern to the audience discussed. However, there were also frankly empty speeches, the content of which would have been relevant a year ago, but not now at the end of 2018. Also striking was the fact that the companies represented at the forum were mostly either exchanges or ICO-startups, and all would be nothing, but there was catastrophically not enough of investors. Besides, unfortunately, there were no startups that would really challenge the world by offering something revolutionary. Nevertheless, the very organization of the forum was great.

The rest of the forum was mostly similar to other events that held in the Russian Federation and other countries.

However, since we need to look for the pros everywhere, it is a positive side can be considered definitely that Paul was able to see and analyze a significant number of startups, which in theory could compete with Crypt-ON.

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