Turbo bounty from Crypt-ON: Round 5

As promised, we continue the Turbo bounty, and today the 5rd round begins!

We remind you the rules:
10 percent of the total bounty pool will be distributed over the next 10 weeks — 1% each week. 
Every week, in the bounty chat will be placed a task that will need to be done within the next five days; after which the participants of the current stage of the turbo-bounty, who completed the task following the described terms receive their stacks.
Each round will start on Friday and last 6 calendar days, until Wednesday of the next week incl.

Thus, the deadline for sending the task report of the 5th round is December 10, 23 hours 59 minutes GMT.

So, here is the task of the 5th round of Turbo bounty from Crypt-ON!

You must publish the link about results of last Turbo-bounty week (https://medium.com/@Crypt__ON/turbo-bounty-from-crypt-on-results-of-4th-week-fc871a419435) in various groups/publics/threads in social media. Moreover, you need to add a comment “Hey guys! I just won $100 in Turbo-Bounty from Crypt-ON! Join the movement, it is really great here!

Groups requierments:

1) English speaking community. If you want to publish a post in a community that is NOT English — consult with our Bounty-Manager. Each specific situation is solved individually depending on how good the source is.
2) A community must be active, have at least 2000 members (2000 views for Bitcointalk).
3) Groups should be focused on fintech / cryptocurrency 
5) 1 group = 1 post / comment. This requirement will be strictly checked 
6) A comment should not be deleted.

Upon completion, you need to fill out a Report about the task, which must contain confirming links and screenshots! Otherwise, the report is not accepted and the task is considered to be failed.


Besides the stacks received for completing the task in the past stage, at the end of each round we will randomly play 250 real US dollars (in btc equivalent) between the three lucky players: $120, $80 and $50 USD for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively!

Let’s pump Crypt-ON together!
Join our bounty chat and earn more tokens!

Let’s keep in touch! ;)

Crypt-ON team