If you’re on your way to an interview for any role like front end developer or web content editor, you can be pretty confident that they’ll quiz you on CSS. If you’re still new to the styling standard of the web, this can be pretty daunting. There’s a lot of history and things are changing all the time.

However, there’s hope! These CSS interview questions and answers will help you show that you know the basics, some of the newer tricks, and that you know how to stay up to date — which will go a long way towards improving your chances of securing that coveted second interview.

This article was originally posted on GoSkills. To read the rest of the article, check it out here :)

Pa-da-daaa daaaaa. Pa-da-da-da-daaaa. Pa-da-daaaa daaa daaa. Pa-da-da-da-da-da daaaa da-da daaaa da-da daaaaaaa.

It’s the final week of the C-Prize competition!! On Friday we got thrown in the shark tank and had to present our idea, progress and vision to a group of judges. I say shark tank, but the judges were all lovely and super friendly!

The week prior to the presentation…

Nick Mertens

Full stack developer. UX and illustration enthusiast. Game dev hobbyist.

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