Python is a high-level programming language first released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum, with a broad range of applications including data science, machine learning and AI, software development, and even games.

With its focus on the developer experience and code readability, many people find it very productive to work in Python, as they can focus on their application’s core functionality, rather than lower-level programming tasks.

Python is one of the fastest-growing and most popular programming languages. …

Why is Python so popular? One of the main reasons it is popular as a programming language is that it’s a great way to learn how to code. It reads almost like plain English and has many features that allow you to write complex tasks very simply. Additionally, there are many applications for which Python is a great option, including data science, AI and machine learning, web development and Internet of Things (IoT) with devices like the Raspberry Pi.

Let’s take a deeper look at why Python is so popular in 2019.

History of Python programming language

Python was released in 1991 by Dutchman Guido…

Are you wondering how to become a freelance web developer?

It’s a dream of many to work from home and enjoy the flexibility and freedom that brings with it. You can schedule your own work hours, work from wherever you want, and take breaks when you want! If you plan accordingly, you could make the same amount of money you would at a permanent role in a fraction of the time.

But with all that flexibility and freedom comes risk too. What if you can’t find enough work? What if I have a dry spell? What if you can’t pay…

So, you want to learn to code or have already started on your journey. You find yourself wondering how long it will be before you are fluent in the programming language(s) of your choice.

That’s an excellent question and one that has no easy, one-size-fits-all answer. As you might imagine, it also varies from person to person. Not everyone learns at the same pace and we all have different backgrounds. Luckily, that’s a good thing! The more we can learn from each other, the better we’ll all become and the easier it will be to teach others.

In this article…

Let’s talk about RDBMS basics. If you’ve ever dipped your toes in the warm but deep waters of programming, then you’ve probably wanted to store data at some point or another. Whether it’s user data, scientific results or anything else that makes your program dynamic. SQL is one of the most popular tools to do exactly that. It has been around for decades, yet it is still used today to manage databases of different sizes with great success.

SQL can be scary stuff. Photo by Sheldon Nunes on Unsplash.

It may seem daunting, but hopefully, we will be able to answer some of your biggest questions here. Let’s dive right in!

What is SQL?

Our stall at Zealong Tea Estate

All of last week, New Zealand was proud to show off all the latest and greatest in tech and innovation at Techweek’18. This year there were a ton of events all throughout the Waikato region, from 19 to 27 May.

While we are based in Auckland, the awesome people of Techweek invited us down to Hamilton for two of their many events to exhibit. We managed to catch a few presentations as well, which was great!

On Monday 21 May we attended the CultivateIT Emerging Tech Expo at the Waikato Innovation Park. A great location housing many innovative local companies…

It’s been a little quiet on the Quoralis blog but don’t worry, we’ve just been crazy busy! Keep an eye out for more updates on our work soon.

A little while ago we were approached by the Office of Seniors, administered by the Ministry of Social Development. They take care of the over 65s and provide a wealth of information for seniors on their website: SuperSeniors. They also produce a regular newsletter that’s read by over 200,000 people throughout New Zealand. Their key messages revolve around positive ageing, highlighting ways people can continue enjoying life after 65.

Needless to say…

Whether you’ve learned HTML through online courses or at college, you need to impress at the interview to land that coveted job. We’ve prepared these common HTML interview questions and answers for beginners, to help you do just that. If you’ve got the answers for the basics and can show your interviewer that you know how to keep your skills up to date, you’ll increase your chances of landing that job exponentially.

1. What is HTML?

The odds are that you won’t be asked this directly, but it can’t hurt to remind yourself what HTML stands for: Hyper Text Markup Language. This means that…

If you’re on your way to an interview for any role like front end developer or web content editor, you can be pretty confident that they’ll quiz you on CSS. If you’re still new to the styling standard of the web, this can be pretty daunting. There’s a lot of history and things are changing all the time.

However, there’s hope! These CSS interview questions and answers will help you show that you know the basics, some of the newer tricks, and that you know how to stay up to date — which will go a long way towards improving your chances of securing that coveted second interview.

This article was originally posted on GoSkills. To read the rest of the article, check it out here :)

Pa-da-daaa daaaaa. Pa-da-da-da-daaaa. Pa-da-daaaa daaa daaa. Pa-da-da-da-da-da daaaa da-da daaaa da-da daaaaaaa.

It’s the final week of the C-Prize competition!! On Friday we got thrown in the shark tank and had to present our idea, progress and vision to a group of judges. I say shark tank, but the judges were all lovely and super friendly!

The week prior to the presentation we practiced and tweaked slides and practiced some more and we believe it paid off! We dressed up in suits so we felt like a hundred bucks, and I do believe it was the best run out of all our practice runs!

FallCast is a wearable technology that we are…

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