Introducing CryptalEX Affiliate Program

CryptalEX Exclusive Daily Deals -

Dec 20, 2018 · 5 min read

During coming weeks CryptalEX will be offering Exclusive Daily Deals for everyone to participate. Our community members will have a unique chance to get huge discounts for a limited time. Special deals and discounts, such as 99% off the current CRD token price will get unlocked by completing simple tasks.

1. Get paid up to 20% on all purchases made by your referrals!

2. Receive 50% from referral exchange fees when exchange goes live!

3. Participate in our Affiliate Competition, the winner gets a masternode!

In order to become an Affiliate, simply sign up for the CryptalEX Exclusive Daily Deals at You will receive a mail with the link to confirm your email address, followed by the email containing your unique Affiliate Link.

5 Reasons to join CryptalEX Affiliate Program


Our affiliate program has NO LIMITATIONS! More purchases by your referrals will earn you more income. Below is the table, where affiliate commission structure is illustrated.

2. Affiliate COMPETITION

CryptalEx is excited to present the Affiliate Competition, where best contributor will get massive reward. The winner — an affiliate who’s referrals purchased highest amount of CRD tokens will get a full CRD Masternode. As a masternode holder, winner will become the owner of 1 Million CRD tokens and receive a monthly masternode rewards. It is important to know, The reward of 1,000,000 Tokens becomes available once $1,000,000 in CRD has been generated by all affiliates in the regional token distribution event.

On top of the Masternode rewards, up to a 20% commission will also apply, along with ongoing commissions of up to 50% of the trading fees generated by your referrals. You can read more about benefits of being a CRD masternode holder here: and here

3. Real-time REPORTS

Thanks to a clear and intuitive dashboard which is to be released in the coming weeks, affiliates can always check real-time statistics and track the activity of their referrals. Affiliates will receive commissions in CRD tokens, directly to their CryptalEX account. Commissions withdrawal will be available on the date of the token distribution, which is in January 2019, when the exchange goes live.

4. High-impact promo TOOLS

With our new affiliate program, you will have a range of tools allowing to promote CryptalEx effectively. Affiliates can access advanced promotional tools like custom landing pages, deep links, custom banners and much more.

For Telegram group admins we have prepared something special. Now telegram admins can simply add our Affiliate Bot, which will automatically post new CryptalEX Exclusive Daily Deals as well as daily progress updates. Each post made by the bot will contain a unique referral link submitted manually by an affiliate.

Telegram CryptalEX Affiliate Bot activation instructions

Add CryptalEX Affiliate Bot to your telegram group; just add user: @cryptalex_affiliate_bot

In the group chat type: /activate@cryptalex_affiliate_bot

where “xxxxxxxxxx” is your unique referral code. Full affiliate link is emailed after registration at Just replace “” with your referral link, or change “xxxxxxxxxx” with your referral code.

Example of the message that will appear in your telegram group:

5. Unique Offering For Crypto Traders

New markets to explore

Identifying cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology increasing adoption in the eastern part of Europe, CryptalEx aims to introduce localised exchange solutions to this region. Cryptocurrency exchange, local currency withdrawals and deposits in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Azerbaijan is just a beginning.

Integration of 3rd Party Exchanges

We integrate with third-party cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and Poloniex (more to come). This allows to trade at the best price offered among all integrated exchanges while utilizing arbitrage opportunities at the same time.

Higher demand for CRD token

CryptalEx (CRD) is a utility token used to reduce trading fees on our exchange by 50%. When user performs trading or exchange operations using CRD token, the discount is applied automatically. This enables minimise risks and maximise profit advantage of cross-exchange arbitrage opportunities. The chaise for discount will drive the demand, which is a win win situation for CryptalEX, affiliates and users.

Terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program

By participating in CryptalEX Affiliate Program you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and all legal requirements of CryptalEX. We reserve the right to change any details about the affiliate program without prior notice. We reserve the right to exclude an affiliate and withhold all commission payment if there are reasons to believe that affiliate is either spamming, cheating or abusing the Affiliate program in any way. Violation, spam or abuse of any terms will result in the ban and deletion of the Affiliate account, without the ability to recover, withdraw or contest any commissions.Affiliates are restricted on bidding on branded keywords (such as “CryptalEX”, “CryptalDash” etc) in Google Ad-words or any other pay-per-click advertising networks.Each Affiliate can have only one account and is not allowed to refer himself and receive commissions on his own purchase. Anyone found to be violating any of these rules will be banned, with the account being deleted and all commissions removed.

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