Ethereum: Updated drivers (6 month view)

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, always do your own research. I will update my view as I learn new information. As always; I welcome opposing views, disagreement and discussion.

Tl:dr: Ethereum has a strong roadmap ahead — list of items which I expect will have a material impact on fundamentals (by implication I would expect this to positively impact price, though in this this volatile space we must be aware of the irrationality of pricing, especially in the short term i.e. fundamentals don’t guarantee price).

Quick reminder of some of the longer term fundamentals which may impact ethereum over the next 6 months:

Please feel free to add anything that may have been overlooked

Ethereum dev team continues to work hard in the background:

Due diligence coming to ICO’s (informs investors and raises the standard/quality):

Hedge fund money coming & Major VC investors believing in ethereum:

Interoperability, Oracles and integration platforms are all being built:

Regulation-compliant businesses coming online:

ICO funding reaches $ 1.652 billion:

Metropolis (Ethereum for the masses) imminent:

Raiden (scalable, low latency, low cost token transfers) imminent:

Devcon in November:

Remember to do your own research (from multiple sources) to build up your own conviction. Good luck!

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