“You Should Just be Happy That….”

Everyone at some point or another has had a frustrated rant or a good whinge over their work. Whether it is something small like Patrice from accounting stealing your yogurt from the fridge or having a terrible boss who rides you for the smallest things. These situations are just two of many, but at some point or another the majority of people have had terrible work experiences.

The other day when I was having a good complaint about my work and how I am not being used effectively and too my full potential I hit that brick wall of someone close to me saying “Oh well you should just be happy that you have a job.” This one sentence ticked me off to no end, especially given who it was coming from.

The main thing that gets under my skin about this comment is that what is wrong with wanting more out of your work, and being recognized for the work you do accomplish. Absolutely nothing. Coming from my perspective as a young person why waste what time especially during these years that people always say are “the best” doing something that does not make you happy or help you reach your potential.

Flipping this around a bit someone would hopefully not tell someone in a bad relationship “oh be happy your in a relationship” because given the circumstances this could be dangerous. Same thing in the work place, unhappiness in the work place can lead to depression and on the extreme end violence. So to simply say “You should be happy that you have a job” at the least is a cop-out to try to understand why the person truly dislikes where they are at in the given moment. Everyone wants better for themselves and by saying this you a belittling them. No one wants to be stuck in a retail job their whole life, or in a cubicle where they are not able to do what they do best and enjoy what they do.

Whether you are looking for that job that you know will be the best for you or just trying to lose that 10 extra pounds, positive change in any form is good. And making these changes takes bravery while the first steps are always the hardest. The best thing you can do is try to have some understanding and be supportive in anyway you can.