Binance plans to launch fiat-to-crypto for Chinese Yuan, Iran proposes cryptocurrency mining regulation and Bitcoin regains 10.000 USD mark

Sep 20 · 2 min read

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Binance plans to launch fiat-to-crypto OTC for Chinese Yuan.

Binance plans to roll out an over the counter (OTC) fiat-to-crypto trading platform coming October.

China has always been a very skeptical jurisdiction towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency trading has officially been banned in China since September 2017. Because of the ban, OTC trades have become the main method to buy Bitcoin in China. With Chinese investors mainly buying USDT tokens OTC and converting them to other crypto’s afterwards.

Iran proposes cryptocurrency mining regulation

Iran’s cabinet is looking into a proposal to register cryptocurrency miners.

The registration would require information on employment, rent agreements and other business activities.

There’s been a lot of developments last few months in Iran surrounding cryptocurrency. For example, the Iranian government is selling electricity to cryptocurrency miners at a fixed price. And they have authorized cryptocurrency mining as an industrial activity.

Bitcoin regains 10.000 USD mark

After dipping to around 9.600 USD yesterday, Bitcoin has regained the 10.000 USD mark and is now trading around 10.150 USD.

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