EMC2 and the Bitcoin dream

Those in the cryptocoin universe see the facts that took place in the “pre-history of the blockchain”, no more than nine years ago, as the romanticized Age of Bitcoin. When in the beginning, two million bitcoins were mined by the Creator, or when a pizza was bought for 10,000.00 bitcoins

Those days are behind, today there are thousands of coins based on blockchain, ALT Coins. All of them trying to achieve the same surge that Bitcoin had, from cents at the price of more than 11 thousand dollars (so far).

From time to time we read stories of ALTs who lived the bitcoin dream. It happened with ethereum (ETH), and many others that today have their own heated market and each unit is worth more than a hundred dollars (So far)

Einsteinium (EMC2) One of the many coins circulating in this universe, came from a timid $ 0.045 to a stunning $ 1.20. A grownup of 26x and this in just 30 days! Really living the bitcoin dream!

What has made interest in the demand for EMC2 so booming has been a sequence of announcements and new plans for 2018 by their Devs Team.

First of all, an update that promises to eliminate 25% of all existing EMC2 coins. The coins that were still on the Company poses and not in circulation yet. What prevents these coins from being put into circulation and inflating prices, but also means that the Company gives up all this capital that could generate from selling of these coins, putting all the confidence in the project.

They also announced a comprehensible RoadMap for 2018. With ideas and projects that are not common to see in the crypto universe, giving a focus on science and generating funds for new research.

But what has been instigating everyone’s curiosity has been a simple tweet.

An unexpected announcement with a thought-provoking photo of a MacBook Air pro. which will be revealed on December 19. Immediately raised suspicions of something involving Apple.

Einsteinium Foundation has responded evasively to questions. Which raised rumors of all kinds and flavors.

some remember that Apple did advertisements with important figures like Albert Einstein and linking it to the suggestive name of the company behind the EMC2 coin…

Did Apple buy a blockchain company??

Not being polemic,, Apple has just released an update of its operating system and intends to make changes in the format of its micropayments in its Store.

Will EMC2 be the 2018 currency that will live the bitcoin dream? What would be the impact of a crypto coin part of Apple Company? December 19th we will know!