Why Google may buy the AdEx blockchain Company

There is a niche market where no one has dared to challenge the giant Google and where it reigns exclusive and where Google make almost all its revenues, the billionaire market of AdSense.

AdSense runs on virtually all Google products, in mobile applications, websites, search, youtube

This until today …

what if a blockchan company decides to challenge this dominance?

A company decided to face the task, in a fight of david and goliath, a blockchain company, taking advantage of all the hype that this boiling market is living, will launch on January 30 its Beta tool.

Why AdEx can be a success story?
Blockchain Technology has brought new insights for businesses that involve micropayments. Micropayments suffer from high rates involving monetary transfers. To this day, micropayments use the traditional network of banks and credit cards to function. Blockchain brings the possibility of making the micropayments to be processed with extremely low rates or even 0. And plus, does this more safely and faster than banks

A blockchain system can capilarize the Adsense service even more. As bank fees are high, Google rewards advertisers on Adsense only after a good amount accumulated, which sometimes take months or years.
If you administer a website with many pagevews and makes use of Google Adsense, could you try change to a system that rewards you faster and safer? with Cryptocurrency?

Google has not yet ventured into the blcockchain market or still does not know how to make use of it. Transforming the system of micropayments and rewards would be a good start and would be well accepted by the community.


Without speculation, the fact is that AdEx Company will launch its Beta service to all at the end of January 2018, and even has a first experimental

client, an Air Company.

ADX Coin website was the description in how it would works and the roadmap to the Beta Version and new planned auctions.

Beta to be Released on Jan 30 2018

Google is known to absorb startup or companies acting on their business niche. ADX Crypto Coin Company would be an excellent opportunity for Google to enter the crypto-universe, where Microsoft and IBM are already studying.

What are the odds of Google buying the Startup behind the ADX currency?