CryptAlpaca Week 3 update

Software Development Side:

1. We are developing our 2.0 design for alpacas! In the coming weeks, ready to feel the apocalypse!

2.We begin testing our releasing alpaca system, projected finished testing in a week.

3.To add more security to our system, we’ve optimized our email strategy and now the authentication has came online.

4. The personal management page is almost ready, feeding your alpacas will be easier than ever!

5. Fixed several bugs.

6.Developing our iOS app beta version to gain adoption.

Marketing Efforts:

1.Launche our referral campaign 2.0, with more anti-cheat method, we plan to give more back to the alpaca community!

2.Making detailed marketing plans and began some advertising testing on major platforms.

4. Onboard our Russian Operation Crew, built up our Russian telegram user group.

5. Grew our twitter followers by another 10%

Next Step:

  1. We are preparing large scale marketing internationally.
  2. Hiring our japan market representative! If interested, followed our twitter and private message us!
  3. Stay Tuned!

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