eFIN Exchange (Ground Zero on Crypto’s Newest DEX)

TokenPay has carved itself a solid foothold in today’s crypto space, having formed a pivotal partnership with Litecoin Foundation, the WEG bank acquisition, and the creation of a new truly decentralized exchange: eFIN. This exchange is shaping up to be a major contender over others as it boasts a list of key features pertaining to quality of life and privacy that other exchanges simply cannot match. eFIN will implement native segwit and atomic swaps along with ring signatures, schnorr signatures, scriptless scripts, and tree signatures. Speed of transactions is guaranteed with eFIN coin, which was specifically designed as a bridge coin and will be used across the Token Pay network to facilitate transactions and swaps.

A major issue plaguing truly decentralized exchanges is the lack of liquidity, larger decentralized exchanges only turning approximately two million daily in trade volume. The rewards program offers a solution with incentives offered to those who stake, store, and trade on the platform through different membership packages. Currently you can sign up as an early adopter, receiving one thousand free eFIN and monthly eFIN rewards from staking Token Pay. It is important to note, that to receive any monthly staking rewards all Token Pay staking must be done in a Token Pay wallet. If the coins are on a paper wallet, hardware wallet, or stored on an exchange you will not receive monthly staking eFIN rewards. Membership packages are separated into three tiers: standard, partner, and platinum. Both partner and platinum are purchasable accounts. Rewards are still decent for standard users, twelve eFIN for every TokenPay staked although a nominal a tenth of a percent trading fee is applied to transactions (still substantially less than other exchanges!).

The leap from standard members to partners is substantial.Partners receive monthly distribution of shared trading revenue, 60 eFIN for every Token Pay staked, unlimited fee-less trades, airdrops of future coins, and a one hundred percent referral bonus. Those who chose to become platinum members will receive ALL the benefits of partner, plus one million eFIN coins. Staking rewards are also increased to one hundred and twenty eFIN per TPAY staked. One must provide a trade volume of five hundred euro monthly to be eligible to qualify for staking rewards, a decision that should guarantee a consistent trade volume for the exchange. In regards to the distribution of the rewards, fifty-three percent will be distributed amongst members, twenty percent is reserved as staking rewards, fifteen percent is sent to the team and founders, and twelve percent is for Token Pay stakers.

Not often do people get in on the ground floor of an up and coming trendsetter, but eFin seems to be one of the rare examples where it is still open for early adopters and speculators to flock to. Not only does eFIN exchange offer the cutting edge in user security, it will provide immense benefit to any investor in the platform and provide direct benefit to any user of TokenPay. TokenPay is one of the few projects that strive to keep crypto decentralized and secure for the end user. eFin is genuinely a continuation of that philosophy, a noble goal with an impressive end result.

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