Crypto Cads — Crypto powered ads

We innovate the marketing space with Crypto Cads, playable ads with crypto-rewards. Advertisers incorporate highly desired crypto-rewards into ads, leading to higher conversions and better data, whilst consumers love to play and win rewards., the “Wordpress for Games”, is owned by Games With Attitude NV, a Belgium based company. Since 2014 we developed a web studio to create and publish playable ads and location-based games in a visual way. Since the launch in 2017 more than 1.000 games were published and played by over 50.000 players worldwide on websites, apps, Ad networks and interactive displays.

Our solution is simple, yet offers a whole new level of flexibility and innovation for both brands and consumers. It focuses on the following core principles:

  • Offering a unique location for consumers to earn rewards, as well as a platform for brands to create interactive ads to engage with consumers with a focus on obtaining data and increase sales.
  • Within our platform the “CAD coin” is issued as reward and payment method for all platform services. With the CAD coin digital assets are purchased in the online store.
  • The reward system focuses on collectibles that are tradable and usable in games. This encourages consumers to continually interact with brands, providing increased user data at a lower cost, and an active community of players trading and playing with their rewards.

To realise this vision we are adding four major innovations to our existing technology:

  • First, we create the CAD coin (ERC-20), as a stable utility token backed by fiat, as single payment method for all platform services. The coin is minted at the time of deposit into the platform and “destroyed” at the time of withdrawal from the platform.
  • Second, we create a Smart Kit to create and integrate crypto-rewards in ads via the OJOO studios without coding skills. Non-fungible collectibles, CAD coins and branded coins can be added and the rewarding mechanisms defined via smart contracts.
  • Third, we aggregate playable ads into the Play & Win platform consumers earn crypto-rewards by playing ads and spend them in the digital store.
  • Fourth, we extend the OJOO Studio with a freelance platform to sell creative services, CAD-Lance. CAD coins are the settlement method for all transactions and the freelancers redeem them for fiat directly on the platform.

The CryptoCads-platform is funded with a security token; the GWA coin, based on the ERC-20 standard. The GWA coin has a limited availability within a private sale and funds the platform development and growth in return for a dividend of 45% on the platforms’ profit.