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Jul 12 · 2 min read

The crypto winter has taken us all by surprise, with ETH price dropping from $433 when we officially launched our project at the beginning of August 2018 to $82 in December 2018 and $272 today (as seen on Coin Market Cap). This has led many investors and traders to hold their support for new projects, such as ours and wait for better days to come. Because of this, many projects were paused or even cancelled and even more existing companies went bankrupt in the past year. Bad news started coming, one after another and our team was put in front of a difficult decision: to paused the ICO. However, this has not stopped our core team from working hard to make it happen, because we are committed to bring our exchange to the market.

In the past year, our core team has restlessly worked to develop our project and now that the crypto market is finally starting to recover, we will resume our project and go for an IEO. For this purpose, we are updating our website and roadmap and we will soon announce it all on our official social channels.

Because we did not reach our soft cap, we were not able to proceed with our project, as those expenses are vital for the development and sustainability of our exchange.

CryptoCircle eXchange is made by the people, for the people. We do not have big companies to back us with money and networking like other projects. What makes us different is that we stumbled upon the issues that the big exchanges currently have and we wish to be the change we want to see in this industry. We have experience, vision and original ideas that are not currently found on existing exchanges and I am sure you have read all about it on our website and whitepaper.

We thank you for supporting us through the crypto winter and we are looking forward to see you on our side in the next phase. Our Airdrop and Bounty participants will receive their tokens after the exchange will be launched, don’t worry, we are keeping an evidence on your contribution and we haven’t forgotten anyone.

Seeing you on our side,

The CryptoCircle eXchange Team

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