CryptoCircle eXchange ICO is postponed to comply with the current market

Our dedicated and passionate team at CryptoCircle eXchange are working tirelessly to bring to the market a cryptocurrency exchange unlike any other, backed by a cutting edge technology that provides speed, safety, and scalability.

Ever since CryptoCircle eXchange was first conceived, we have worked tirelessly to enhance the functionality of our future service. In addition to this, our project is constantly being audited by our team as well as our advisors, together they provide us with helpful insights in future development. Combined, we were able to strengthen our business model and demonstrate its advantages to investors.

However, the crypto market has experienced drastic changes in the past year and we need to adapt to them. We will be postponing our ICO and work on adapting our product and prepare all aspects with details coming in the following months. This will allow us to enable key changes needed to our marketing strategy and help to expand project functionality as well as to secure the necessary needed legal support in key countries. We will have updates on our telegram announcement channel and other social media channels and please don’t forget we will have our daily quizzes and on going contests!

Thank you always, 
CryptoCircle eXchange Team

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