Join our 🎇Telegram Sticker Contest🎆 and win 1000 CCX!

We are organizing our first Telegram Sticker Contest! We will give away 1000 CCX Tokens to the person that will make the best Sticker pack until New Year’s Eve!


  1. Anyone in our CCX Community can join.
  2. Participants must Join our ANN channel.
  3. You must Follow CCX on Twitter
  4. Send your entry to our Telegram Group: until New Year’s Eve
  5. A person can participate with a maximum of 3 entries


  1. One entry per person will be selected by our community managers! They will later be voted and the best one will be regularly used in our Telegram posts!
  2. We reserve the right to disqualify stickers that are mean spirited or that are not friendly towards our community!