Katula Lamperouge


E-mail: info@cryptocommonwealth.io

Abstract: Factor analysis has been dominating the stock market in explanation of risk premium induced excess returns. We analyzed basic price-volume based factors including capitalization, price, liquidity, momentum, volatility and beta on cryptos among top 50 caps historically, constructed multiple factor portfolios and confirmed their…

— The Name Is Bond, COMM’s Bond!

Dear COMMunity,

We are thrilled to announce that our first round of ICO will commence on March 1st, 2020. The token sales will be conducted at our dedicated ICO website, cryptocommonwealth.co.

Since our main token COMM has been listed on IMOEX, we designed a decentralized and novel crypto derivative to…

The success of the COMM token relies heavily on the contributions from our community, particularly high-quality articles or analysis from distinguished authors and researchers. Contributors would find COMM an essential right to participate in our subscription, circulation and investment ecosystem.

That’s why we are launching this program, where you would…

Article about COMM for Public Release

Dear followers,

We are seeking more publicity in new press releases for the next month, and would like to invite all authors to write about the #COMM ecosystem in a short article with 400–600 words, English only. Please submit your article with your social…

Crypto Commonwealth

A Scientific Publisher and Asset Manager on blockchain

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