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Click Here for the SALE. All proceeds donated to Wuhan.

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I t has been 19 days since Wuhan’s quarantine. The Coronavirus pandemic is still severe. Provinces and cities all across China have been on highest alert since the beginning of the new year. As a Shanghai-based blockchain video game company in the eye of the storm, we have been wondering how we can support Wuhan during the pandemic.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. It is the start of our third round of Genesis City auctions on OpenSea. Because of recent events, we have decided to add Wuchang (the Medieval name for Wuhan) to the list. For those who are new to CryptoCrusades, the game is set during the Medieval period (500–1500CE). …

One of our programmers here at Merfolk Games is from Wuhan. Although she is in Shanghai, written below is her personal statement about her experiences over the past few weeks. Her difficult situation has inspired us to donate all the proceeds from our Valentine’s Day Sale to support the people fighting against the virus in Wuhan. Please listen to her story:

The night before Wuhan’s quarantine, I refunded my ticket back home. This year, I’d have to spend Chinese New Year in Shanghai alone. I counted how many N95 masks I had on-hand and wondered if I had enough before a new shipment would arrive. I stocked up on food and water. Whenever I get hungry, I cook two simple dishes, following the recipe line-by-line. …

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Click Here to view the Land Sale

Click Here for a basic gameplay introduction

CryptoCrusades, a Blockchain Strategy Game coming out in 2020, has launched a Strategic Land Sale of Genesis Cities. The plots of land, with 88 set locations on a model of Earth, will be the seats of 88 empires on iOS and Android when the game is launched next year. The first eight will be on auction on the OpenSea website from December 25th to January 1st. They can be purchased with an Ethereum wallet.

A Genesis City is an exclusive type of Capital City on a unique plot of land, which you can buy and sell with cryptocurrency. Since the game is set on a hex-grid model of Earth, you could, for example, buy London’s hex tile and play CryptoCrusades on the British Isles. …



A Blockchain Strategy Game for mobile platforms

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