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For the past few months, Merfolk Games has had its foot on the accelerator. With our number one goal getting the latest version out, here’s a quick update on what we’ve accomplished:

We hired two new Unity developers to speed up the development. They’ve been learning fast and have jumped right into updating the app with the latest features (which we’ll get to). We restructured the workflow of the development team, making the blockchain programming much more streamlined. Expect to see updates coming in…

Everything you need to know about buying Genesis Cities

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CryptoCrusades, a Blockchain Strategy Game coming out in 2021, has launched a Strategic Land Sale of Genesis Cities. The plots of land, with 88 set locations on a model of Earth, will be the seats of 88 empires on iOS and Android when the game is launched next year. The first eight will be on auction on the OpenSea website from December 25th 2020 to January 1st. They can be purchased with an Ethereum wallet.

A Genesis City is an exclusive type of Capital City on…

What would happen if you combined Tribal Wars with Civilization? What if you added Ethereum to the mix?

You would get CryptoCrusades, a new blockchain strategy game for iOS and Android. In many ways, CryptoCrusades is a simple Real-Time Strategy MMO: Players collect resources, train troops, and fight other players. You can build towns, upgrade buildings, choose your empire’s policies, and trade resources.

What makes it unique is that its core functions are built entirely on a blockchain. This gives it three exciting aspects:

1. True Ownership

When a player buys game items, these items go directly onto their blockchain wallets as NFTs…


A Blockchain Strategy Game for mobile platforms

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