11/28 Weekly Plan

For macro, focus this week will be on Friday’s payrolls, though we also have JOLTS Thursday & Powell speaking Wednesday. Equities stalled out last week after their post-CPI push, I still think base case for equities is lower but will likely be highly reactive to data either way. China headlines re. protests are worth watching for supply disruptions & broader issues in China markets.

For crypto, market is still quite listless, though there hasn’t been much of an extended post-FTX selloff. New FTX headlines are now just noise, no mkt impact. Traders still hunting for weakness amidst contagion rumor mill; I expect more bodies to slowly float to the surface over next few weeks/months. Imo, most likely outcome for crypto is a choppy market with downward drift over next few weeks/months as capital slowly leaves the space & most mkt participants lose interest & bleed $ in a highly predatory environment. Best r/r activity now is enjoying life, not taking many trades, and spending most screentime diving into new developments/innovation in the space. Defi broadly & decentralized perps mkts specifically are something that’s caught significant interest post-FTX and actually offers a unique value prop. Am also still on the hunt for smaller-cap value, either in coins or NFTs, as I think best opportunities on-chain come when most aren’t paying attention.

As always, good luck!



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