Cloud Infrastructure vs Distributed computing. Or, How to have your cake and eat it to.

I was a very lucky college grad many years ago. I landed a job that gave me entry level into the Information Technology career field. I have spent most of my career in an area called Infrastructure. Infrastructure is the domain of servers, storage, memory, raised floor data centers, UPSes, Networks, and lots and lots of nerds and geeks. We got excited about distributed computing. We fell in love with the internet. We took to cloud computing like bees to honey. What’s funny is that along the way distributed, in the end, doesn’t really mean distributed. And cloud really just ended up meaning that someone else runs the big data center somewhere so that you don’t have to. It is all made to look like what we thought it was but under the covers it isn’t.

Recently I have started following the newest developments in blockchain. As you may know, blockchain is a relatively new technology that brings high levels of trust and security to a distributed computing platform. In essence, blockchain allows for cryptographically controlled transactions while allowing for broad levels of visibility and scrutiny once the transaction has been committed. Many of the newest developments in blockchain are now appearing and having direct impact on startup businesses that are working to realize benefits by solving real world problems. I ran into one of these startup companies recently, and I found it at the intersection of Cloud Infrastructure and Distributed computing. And I don’t mean the Cloud Infrastructure and Distributed computing that we ended up with. I mean the Cloud Infrastructure and Distributed computing that we thought we were going to get when we first started out.

What if I told you that you could start a business out of your house and that for this business you could acquire all of the systems and services you need to run your business with just a few keystrokes and clicks. And what if I told you that these services would be running on computers, disk drives and memory spread all over the world. In fact your business services would be guaranteed 99.99% up-time, and they would be running in the worlds first global blockchain managed computerized system. Your employees workplace desktop could be launched from the blockchain computer system, freeing them up to work from any location in the world where an internet connection is available. In fact your entire business operation could be started and launched and have a full blown IT presence in minutes, and you wouldn’t even have left your couch. Now, that’s cloud! And that’s distributed computing. Oh, and it costs 50% less than its competitors. Who does this? Well, no one yet. But this is the vision Michael Stollaire at Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (TBIS)is bringing to the Word.

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services is currently raising funds for its startup operations via an ICO, or Initial Coin Offering. Its new currency, call BAR, or the Titanium BAR, will be used as the currency for buying products and services on the TBIS eco-system. (Ecosystem is just a fancy way for saying the computing environment).

What makes this ICO compelling and different than many others is that this isn’t Michael Stollaire’s first foray into Infrastructure Services. Michael is a 17 year IT Infrastructure veteran (almost as much as me). He has owned an operated his own consulting firm and performed work for a stunning list of fortune 500 companies. I won’t name them here, but you can find them in his Whitepaper, which was recently updated with even more detailed information about the project.

When you visit this project, please don’t be frightened away by terms you may not be familiar with. These terms abound in the Infrastructure world, and they often make it difficult for us gear heads to communicate with non-gear heads. The good news is Michael and his team are very good at discussing these things in terms everyone can understand, even though the technical details have to be explained somewhere. To get people like me excited, all the technical details are included. But to help everyone be able to discuss, understand and take part in understanding this vision Michael and team have setup several places they can be contacted. These include their website, Telegram Group, and bitcointalk forum.

Hey, this stuff excited me enough that I called and talked to Michael Stollaire personally, I read the Forbes article he is quoted in, and I spent some time on the sites I mentioned above. I can’t tell you if this is for you of if you’d like it at all. But I can tell you, this seems to be a first. And its worth checking out.

As always, please do your own research and consult your investment and/or tax advisers before making any investment decisions. These statements contained here are from my personal research and do not constitute advice or recommendations.

Visit, botcointalk forum and join their Telegram Group.

Referral link: buy Titanium BAR

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