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СryptoGold — Strong and Stable Company that won’t collapse in a Many years!
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First mining facility built in September 2016
Pre-financing by Crypto Gold itself (Mao Lal) with 1.5 million euros
The first mining facility has been rented out in Iceland
The second plant belongs to Crypto Gold itself and is located in the USA, the reasons are as follows: The electricity prices are favorable, good and qualified personnel available, the hardware is easier to procure, the programmers work more cheaply
Construction of a 3rd plant
It is invested in Crypto-currencies such as BitCoin, Ethereum, zCash, Dash or LiteCoin. The existing mining facilities will be massively expanded and investments will also be made in new mining facilities.

CryptoGold — Your BIG opportunity!
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How can we make money here?

We provide CryptoGold with an amount of X with which you buy Mining Hardware again, so we participate in a “Mining Pool”. Here, of course, there are different entry sizes, which are divided as follows

  • 1. $ 50 -> Mining pool Beginner
  • 2. $ 100 -> Mining pool Copper
  • 3. $ 500 -> Mining pool Bronze
  • 4. $ 1.000 -> Mining pool Silver
  • 5. $ 2.000 -> Mining pool Gold
  • 6. $ 3.500 -> Mining pool Platinum
  • 7. $ 5.000 -> Mining pool Diamond

The amounts are always the same, there are differences only in the cryptocurrency for which we decide. We can choose from Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), zCash, Dash and Litecoin (LTC).

The daily reimbursement can not be quantified precisely, since it varies daily in mining. There is also a 50/50 rule. 50% of the income is paid directly to your wallet once a week, the other 50% are used to cover maintenance costs, as well as regularly renew the hardware.

What ist the Cryptogold repurchase?

Everyone you buy a CG miningpool recieves 
real lifetime mining earnings. How does it work and why?

100% of your Mining earning get devided in 2 parts:

1. The reports in the Backoffice are 50% and you can withdraw these earning every day!

2. The other half (50%) where used buy new mining pools for you! Why?

In a mining process there are following problems:
- rising difficulty 
- technical updates 
- rebuy of new hardware after a period because earning get weaker (but most of the coins the price of the coin rises)

Solution of Cryptogold lifetime mining:

With the 50% in point nr 2 Cryptogold buys new Mining hardware, makes updates and everything is needed in a regular time period for you automatically!

The result is:
Your mining earning in point Nr 1 are constant and lifetime! You didn’t have to make anything, Cryptogold makes it all!

And for you as a marketer you recieve automatic new comission on this, 
Because new pools are bought automatically and residual!

This means that you have an residual income !

This repurchase comission works on the same way as the Unilevel comission and you get also comission for your team purchases.

Ist the Best offer in market !

Team Building

The second way to earn money at CryptoGold is to build a team. There are 4 different types.

1. Downline Teams (commission on new purchase)

The commissions are divided into 4 levels and are structured as follows:

DL team 1: For the first and second directly sponsored partners, there is 6% commission on newly purchased pools.

DL team 2: For the third, fourth and fifth directly sponsored partner, there is 7% commission on purchased pools. In addition, there is a 1% commission on the purchases of the first and second directly sponsored persons of these partners. As well as 1% for purchases of the first two sponsored persons.

DL Team 3: For the sixth, seventh and eighth directly sponsored partners, there is 8% commission on newly purchased pools. In addition, there are 2% commission on the purchases of the first and second directly sponsored persons as well as on their first two. Added to this are 1% commission for the 3, 4 and 5 sponsored person in the Downline Team 3

DL-Team 4: From the 9th directly sponsored partner and for all others there is 9% commission on purchased pools. In addition there are 2% commission for their first and second sponsored partners in DL team 4. Another 1% exists for their third, fourth and fifth partner. For their sixth, seventh and eighth partners there is also 1% commission.

2. Downline Team (commission on repurchase)

This bonus uses the same structure as described above, but the difference here is that there are higher rates of partial share purchases and buy-backs. As a reminder, 50% of the remuneration is used for this purpose.
As explained above, the hardware is automatically renewed after a certain time and there are also commissions on this purchase of the hardware.

I skip the exact explanation of the individual teams, as explained above and lead only the%.

  • Team 1: 10% commission
  • Team 2: 12% commission + 2% commission on their partner
  • Team 3: 15% commission + 5% commission on their partner + 3% commission on their partner
  • Team 4: 18% commission + 8% commission on their partner + 6% commission on their + 3% commission on their partner

3. Generation bonus (commission on new purchase)

Someone in Downline Team 4 has now also 9 partners and thus a downline Team 4 built up? Then there is the generations bonus, which looks as follows:

Generation 1 = 1% (Team 4 from a Team 4)

If a personally sponsored partner has 9 partners in his own team 4, there is 1% on each new as well as repurchase

Generation 2 = 0.5% (Team 4 from a Team 4 from a Team 4)

Same example as above only one level lower. Here there is then 0.5% on each new as well as repurchase.

Generation 3 = 0.5% (team 4 from a team 4 from a team from a team 4)

I know this sounds complicated. It is difficult to understand, but it means only, we should inscribe as many people as possible and go into the depth. CryptoGold calculates it all for us

4. Generation bonus (commission on repurchase)

Auch hier wird wieder die gleiche Struktur benutzt wie bei einem Neukauf, nun wird aber auf Rückkäufe berechnet:

  • Generation 1 = 2%
  • Generation 2 = 1%
  • Generation 3 = 1%

5. Binary team bonus

Important: in order to be entitled to this, it is necessary to pay once a fee of $ 79. In addition, you must have bought at least a pool of $ 500. In order to be eligible for the binary bonus, you must also pay min. 1 partner left and a partner right sponsored. A binary tree looks as follows:

As you can see, here you have 2 legs, one left and one right. Usually it is in a binary system that you only have to build one leg, because the other is built up from the top by the Uplines.

For each $ 500 full sold in the binary tree, you get 5 credits. With a $ 100 you get 1 credit. For a $ 50 pool, there are 0 credits.

Payment is made after one cycle and looks as follows:

  • 25 credits left + 25 credits right = 1 cycle
  • 1 cycle = $ 200 (value in Bitcoin)

As soon as one cycle is finished, you will be paid $ 200 which will be paid out to you in Bitcoins.
The possible cycles per day are limited and depend on the respective rank, which are composed as follows:

LEVELPAYOUT IN USDRANK YOU GET1$ 10Silver2$ 10Silver3$ 10Gold4$ 10Gold5$ 10Platinum6$ 10Diomond7$ 10Diamond8$ 10White DiamondTotal$ 80

If someone in the 8 levels of the upline is not qualified, the one is simply skipped, the $ 80 are always paid to 8 people.

For the first level you do not have to qualify, each member starts with the silver rank. To earn Level 3, you have to qualify for the Gold Rank, for Level 5 Platinum and so on …

The ranking system is as follows:

RANKSPONSORTOTAL VOLUMEDURATIONQUALIFICATION DETAILSSilver0 — LifetimeActive members with a $ 70 membership + 1 share from the Mining Pool with at least $ 500

Gold5$ 10.000LifetimeYou sponsor 5 miners who have sponsored 2 miners each. Additionally $ 10,000 total volume in the total tree.

Platinum5$ 40.000LifetimeYou need a total of 3 gold in the whole tree, each coming from a separate branch. Additionally $ 40,000 total volume in the total tree

Diamond5$ 200.000*
$ 50.000 monthlyMonthlyYou need a total of 2 Platinum in the whole tree, each coming from a separate branch. Additionally $ 200.000 total volume in the total tree

White Diamond5$ 1.500.000
$ 200.000 monthlyMonthlyYou need a total of 2 Diamond in the whole tree, each coming from a separate branch. Additionally $ 1.500.000 total volume in the total tree

Example using gold rank:

  1. In the structure, a total of $ 10,000 has been created, such as 10 people with a $ 1,000 pool each
  2. Min. 5 persons sponsored (own the pools)
  3. These 5 persons must also be min. 2 people with active pools sponsored

From the Diamond rank, there is a 50% rule here, but since this is still far away, I do without first give an accurate explanation.

СryrtoGold -
This new crypto project comes directly from Germany (absolute rarity!).
It is a real cryptomining company!
If you can do it, you can do it!
Starting a New Business!
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In case of serious interest I would ask for a short message. I would be glad to welcome you in our Leader Dream Team. Best regards

СryptoGold — Strong and Stable Company that won’t collapse in a Many years!
Time to register your free position today

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