The Morse Meows Shelter is saving kitties from Strasburg, Virginia by taking them off the streets and getting them ready to find their furrever homes!

We are supporting them by auctioning off one of the 20 Exclusive Edition Kitties of our beloved Pepito, the Mascot.

This Exclusive Edition Kitty was created to support charitable organizations of different kinds, in this case changing kitties lives. Do you want to support the kittens and get your paws on the Exclusive Edition version of Pepito?

We’ve partnered with ASYNC to create a 2d version of our beloved mascot on their programmable art platform.

Our 2d Pepito is currently being auctioned with all proceeds going to support Kitty Bungalow’s mission to save L.A. street kittens. The winner of this auction will also receive a 1 of 20 Exclusive Pepito!

The owner of this incredible ASYNC layer has the ability to customize Pepito’s emote, look and accessories that include “deal with it” sunglasses and a safety mask!

As you may know, the breeding fee is currently fluctuating beyond 0.008 ETH. This is due to the sustained increase in gas prices on the ethereum network. These gas prices directly affect the cost for autobirthers to birth your Kitties.

Because of high gas prices, some of your Kitties have failed to give birth in a timely manner as there is no incentive for autobirthers when the cost to birth your cat exceeds the breeding fee reward. …

The Artist Series is a collection of CryptoKitties inspired by creatives in the blockchain ecosystem. Our first Artist Series release features four CryptoKitties by Momo Wang, a multiple award-winning and internationally recognised illustrator based in Beijing.

On April 15, 2020, against all odds (technically, about 1/10000 odds!), Kitty 1896039 was born as a Shiny Fancy in defiance of our stated requirements for creation of a Shiny Fancy. Our intention of the Shiny Fancy feature had been to provide a small chance for players who breed Fancies from non-fancy parents to create an incredibly special version of the Kitty.

Being the offspring of Fancy parents, the existence of this Kitty clearly defies our original intention of the feature. When taking a deeper look, it proves the mathematics behind what makes a Fancy Shiny. …

At CryptoKitties we’re always looking for new ways to bring Kitties to life in different ways. Interoperability is one of the superpowers of blockchain technology that we love to take advantage of.

In our newest mashup, we’re bringing the Kitties to a course near you (well, everything on the internet is closeby) by partnering with brand new dapp, Arena Golf. Our newest Kitty Trick will allow holders to access a special Founder golfer kittied out in the hottest cat-parel. …

A guide to the CK market and value— a thorough walkthrough by a longtime player and collector via The Nifty Report

How to Value CryptoKitties

To help you understand how the community values any of the almost 1.8 million CryptoKitties that currently exist, it’s important to first understand the fundamental characteristics that describe a CryptoKitty. Let’s use “Kitte Strongbun” (the names are randomly generated) as our example:

This is cat #1769786, one of the most recent to be born. It’s a “Gen 8” with a “Snappy” cooldown. Its dominant genes are listed in the first column (munchkin, tiger, mintgreen, etc), and its recessive genes…

When the Kitty Clock ends Draco the Magnificent will be released from his prison — but before that, we have other surprises in store

Eons ago (well, at least one year ago) Draco the Dragon was locked away in a mysterious realm known as the Kitty Clock. But now that the Kitty Clock is coming to an end, Draco’s brood has begun to pour through.

Last night, instead of releasing a standard Gen 0, the Kitty Clock gave the community a surprise: Dreggo, the dragon hatchling of all our dreams!

The Kitty Clock is the name of the account we use to release Gen 0s, some of the rarest CryptoKitties in the game. …

When you purchase a CryptoKitty, you get both the Kitty and its art

When you buy a CryptoKitty, you are purchasing the non-fungible token (NFT) that the cat lives on. Ownership is absolute and immutable; no one can ever take it away.

In addition, you also get to use the art associated with your Kitty.

So what can I do with my Kitty’s art?

CryptoKitties uses the NFT License to define what you can do with your CryptoKitties and the related art.

Hey there! Want to know what you can do with your Kitty’s art? You’ll have to head over to our new blog to read the rest of the post! All of our blogs are moving there, and starting next week we’ll no longer be using Medium for regular updates.

>> Visit the Blog <<

The CryptoKitties #1 Fan contest winner is sharing his collection of Kitties with the community — and you can take part!

In August, we ran a contest asking who our #1 Fan was — and now that fan is giving his prize back as part of a White Elephant Christmas contest.

And the winner was…ADHD!

We had some amazing entries to our #1 Fan Contest. We even got some pretty incredible fan art!


Collect and breed digital cats with CryptoKitties, the world’s most successful blockchain game — built on the Ethereum network.

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