Welcome to the KittyVerse

In a recent post we spoke about the KittyVerse, the extended realm of CryptoKitties in which our incredible community members develop third party apps and features to add to the game. Some of these contributions are useful tools to help breeders, others are fun games and activities to do with your Kitty.

Watching our players contribute to the game’s evolution makes us incredibly happy. As time goes on we want to enable users to do more and more with their cats. To reach that goal, we need the community’s help.

So we wanted to highlight some of our favourite KittyVerse apps here. There are way too many excellent ideas to include them all in one post, so keep an eye out as we roll out more selects in the future.


First up is KittyRace, which is exactly what it sounds like: race your cat, win some Ether. Every racer, up to ten each round, puts up 0.005 ETH. The winner takes all (minus a minimal charge to execute the race contract).

A cat’s hustle is determined by three digital dice rolls. The first is a provably-fair random roll. The next two are affected by specific Cattributes and the order in which you joined the race (the first and second cats to join get a slight advantage here), respectively.

We love this as an innovative way to play with your cats and fellow CryptoKitties collectors. In case you were wondering, it’s significantly easier to race digital cats than real ones. You can put your money where your pout is and try out KittyRace here.

Kitty Family

Kitty Family is a tool that enables breeders to see a Kitty’s entire family tree. Just copy your desired Kitty’s ID, paste it into the Kitty Family search box, and boom: the tool lays out the cat’s entire ancestry, complete with images and Cattributes. If you don’t want to reach all the way back to the Kitty’s CaveCat ancestors, you can always narrow your search to a specific number of generations.

Kitty Family is particularly useful for breeders collecting specific Family Jewels. Rather than clicking through each ancestor individually to determine its jewels, this tool lays it all out in one place and makes it easy to optimize your breeding and acquire your jewels.

CryptoKitty Data

CryptoKitty Data is a powerful data mining tool for your cat collection. The program scans your wallet, sniffs out the genes in every one of your cats (hidden and otherwise), and populates all that information into a spreadsheet. Once a breeder owns dozens, not to mention hundreds of cats, tools like CryptoKitty Data become invaluable.

This is particularly handy when searching out Mewtation Jewels. Otherwise, you’d have to organize every cat by age, then search backwards through each cat until you find the one that has the Mewtation Jewel. CryptoKitty Data does all that work for you in just a couple of clicks.

Keep checking back for more awesome apps

These are just a couple of our favourite user-generated features so far. There are plenty more to come, with new ones popping up daily, so be sure to check back here as we continue to share our top picks. And if you have a personal favourite that we might have missed, or are working on one yourself, let us know! Tweet us @CryptoKitties or leave a comments on this post. You can also check out our Discord channel for more suggestions on great KittyVerse apps and tools.

Want your Kitties to be part of the KittyVerse? Start by getting a Kitty of your own!

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