Principles for Crypto Investment, an Intelligent Approach

Pablo Lema
Nov 28, 2018 · 3 min read

I would like to offer you the benefits of my experience, FREE of charge. The most valuable thing you will receive is access to a new way of thinking about Crypto investing and a view to a new mental model that I have used with great success since entering crypto (in fact, it helped me identify cryptocurrency as a potential investment arena in the first place).

There are no signals here, as a matter of fact, if you read my books, you will see that I think signals trading is near impossible for most people to execute successfully over long periods of time. I saw this in my time in the industry, a small number of players are wildly successful (though the longevity of that success is up for debate), and most people are left behind. Signal trading, charting, its all Voodoo.

What I offer is a FREE common sense approach to investing. I am focused on investing in cryptocurrencies that have a good chance of being here ten years from now, with that, the profits will take care of themselves.

I will also give you access to whatever Intel I discover on my own, this is usually a very rare occurrence, only about once or twice every 18 months, but this Intel will expose you to sound projects, projects where I am putting in my own money, alongside you.

I am not looking to profit from you, it has little effect on me whether you join our mailing list or not, or whether you read my books or not. But it will have a great effect on you. It will expose you to a new and profitable way of thinking about crypto.

My Bonafides:

I have been working in and around virtual currency since early 2006. I got started in gaming and have participated in several e-currency related startups, including: Tradcom South America, Butter Creek Software (Butter-Bot trading software), and; mostly at a rank equivalent to COO or above.

I have also participated in many retail ventures related to e-money, and had experience with e-gold and other early attempts to create a means to exchange value over the internet.

I have been active in Bitcoin since early 2011, and has been active in the altcoin market since 2012.

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Reviews of my previous book Crypto Success:

“Packed with suggestions and insight into the Cryptocurrency markets. This book is an easy read and offers suggestions for where to get more current information as well as what to consider when investing in a new currency.“
“I would give this book 10 stars if it was an option. This is a GREAT book for anyone beginning in the crypto world. This is the 6th or 7th “beginner” crypto book I have read and this book covers certain aspects of the crypto world a beginner needs to know that I haven’t seen other books cover. Really, you need to buy this book before you invest any significant money in any altcoins.”

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Pablo Lema

Written by Pablo has been working in and around virtual currency since early 2006

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