Claiming your free NFTs with your CryptoMichis

Fast Food Apes Club NFT

You can now redeem your Fast Food Apes Club NFTs by owning at least one CryptoMichi. This is part of the benefits you have by holding CryptoMichis, and much more to come!

Navigate to and locate your CryptoMichi. Each of them has a number at the end, (i.e. Joker Michi #17) this is their id, and you will need it later, so make sure to write down every id, or try to remember them!

Profile view on opensea

Now go to, and on the search bar willwrite the id of your CryptoMichis and then hit enter. This will filter your Fast Food Ape, just click the one with the same id number of your Michis and you’ll see that it is already reserved for you! You now have to pay for a gas fee and it will be yours, you have a limited time to redeem your ape.

Fast food apes club view on opensea

Stay tuned for more exclusive content coming to your CryptoMichis on our social media.

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