Set up a 3Commas Bot with UCTS Indicator

Jan 7 · 3 min read

This is a simple guide on how to set up and configure a 3Commas crypto trading bot with the UCTS indicator signals


How to configure the bot?

  1. Create a new bot in 3Commas
Go to 3commas → DCA Bots → Advanced

2. Configure your Bot settings

In this tab you will need to configure your bot settings, options are endless and 3commas FAQ may help to understand each setting.


Since you want your bot to use TradingView Signals coming from the UCTS, make sure to select “Trading View Custom Signals” as Deal start condition!!

Here is a screenshot of a quick 4H BTC/USDT bot that will buy and sell on each signal (No SL/ No TP / 100% equity of your Binance account)

Remember to have USDT in your account prior activating your bot!

With this settings, your Binance account will switch from USDT to BTC on Longs and stay flat (USDT) on shorts.

Earning USD to the upside and BTC to the downside.

3. Configure your alerts in TradingView

Once your bot in 3commas is generated, you will need to set up your alerts in TradingView that will trigger the trades on the platform.

Go to DCA Bots → My bots
Once in “My Bots” tab, click the “view” icon next to your new bot
Scroll down and find the custom texts for TradingView alerts. Save “Deal Start Signal” & “Close order at Market Price” message

Now on Tradingview:

Buy Signal:

Go to the BTC/USDT 4H chart in Binance and set a Buy Alert with the UCTS Indicator as the picture shows. Message text should be “Deal Start Signal” from 3Commas website

Sell Signal:

Go to the BTC/USDT 4H chart in Binance and set a Sell Alert with the UCTS Indicator as the picture shows. Message text should be “Close order at Market Price” from 3Commas website

Configure Email to SMS field in TradingView:

Under your account profile, make sure to change the “SMS Email” field as shown in the picture

and That’s it! =)…

Once the first Buy signal pops in Tradingview, 3commas bot should execute the order and you should see under DCA Bots → My deals something like this:

Profitability with this strategy has turned quite good over 2019:

over 100% net profit over 2019!
Other USDT pairs time frames results

Thank you and Happy trading!


Written by

Bitcoin guardian and Pine Script enthusiast. Main developer of the Excel Trading Bot for Crypto. Check my trading scripts here:

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