UCTS Trendfinder Tool

Nov 25 · 2 min read

A complement feature of the UCTS indicator

The UCTS Trendfinder tool allows the user to see multiple timeframes at the same time on a signle chart of the UCTS indicator Buy & Sell signals.

The indicator is distributed on 6 different lines, each representing a timeframe that can be configured from the settings. (Default being 12H, 8H, 6H, 4H, 2H, 1H (Top to bottom view))

While RED color indicates a period of “Sell Signal” Active and GREEN indicates a period of “Buy Signal” active on that specific timeframe.

How to use it?

Search for stronger trends

Searching for confluence of 1 single color across all timeframes (High and Low) may signalize a strong trend going into that direction that can help you to identify “Stronger” trades on a specific timeframe.

Look at the picture below where a Sell signal appears on the 2H chart (at the same time UCTS Trendfinder signalling a RED color across all timeframes 12H — 1H) leading to a 20% drop in price in a week time period.

Another example for a Buy signal

Identifying change on Trends

The UCTS Trendfinder is also helpful to identify when a trade could be changing its direction, making you aware on when to start locking a position/profit or updating your active SL.

Look at the example on ADABTC 1D chart below:

If after reading this guide you want to try the strategy, reach out to me on twitter or tradingview or my website (Cryptontez.com). I will grant you access for 10 days so you can try it yourself!

I will try to keep this guide updated with every patch or upgrade we deploy to the strategy.

Happy trading!


Written by

Bitcoin guardian and Pine Script enthusiast. Main developer of the Excel Trading Bot for Crypto. Check my trading scripts here: cryptontez.com

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