CryptoPets Airdrop?

Sound the ALARMS! Nah, it’s cool fam. Let’s take a hot second to clear up some confusion…

It’s only a matter of time before Breezling gives Fallout’s Vault Boy a run for his money!


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Hey CryptoPets fans,

We know you’re probably busy (whatever that means to you), but we’ve been hearing a lot of questions in our chats, so we wanted to take this opportunity to clear up some confusion. We’ll also be sharing with you what you can expect from us!

“I submitted my information to the whitelist a few months ago, am I still eligible for the beta?”

Hell yeah! If you submitted your information (including MetaMask ID) way back in December, when we opened the whitelist, you’re still ready to rock n’ roll when we launch on the Ethereum Mainnet. In fact, you’re ready to PARTY!

“Will there be an airdrop for the early adopters, and if so, what do I need to do to sign up?”

By signing up with your email and Metamask ID for the whitelist, you have secured a FREE CryptoPet. Wait, but that’s not all! There’s more!

Based on completions of the Whitelist form

That’s right! We’re giving back to the EARLIEST of our community members. How about that for a belated-Holiday season present?

These will be distributed to the Metamask addresses you’ve given us come the Mainnet launch of the game. So even if you’re just signing up TODAY, make sure to add your information ASAP. Don’t miss out!

“If the Beta is free to play, why did I sign up for the whitelist?”

Good question! We designed the CryptoPets release this way to ensure that our team could have the resources and feedback necessary to ensure that our Mainnet launch would be better than EOS…lol. You’ll still be rewarded for signing up for our whitelist with an airdropped pet, so don’t sweat it!

“Will the testnet CryptoPets be worth real money?”

Luckily, no. The CryptoPets Beta will be free to play, but that also means the pets will have no real value until we launch on the Mainnet. But hey… it’s always pretty solid advice to learn how to play poker before you put down any money.

We know you have more questions, so why don’t you ask ;)

Our moderators are standing by waiting for your text on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter!’

With a box-opening that results in you and your little brother running away from a box-monster,

The CryptoPets Team

Washington, D.C.