CryptoPets Mainnet Referral Program

Despite your best judgement, it is not a Ponzi scheme

Disclaimer: The referral program is not live yet, but will be available on the CryptoPets website shortly and this article will reflect those updates.

Hey CryptoPets fans,

Do you have friends? Neither do we. But in the case that you do, here’s how they can help you and you can help them.

A lot of you have asked, so now we’re answering. YES, there will be a referral system shortly after the Mainnet launch. What does this mean for you? Invite your friends to the game and enjoy perks like kickass XP-bonuses, as well as the ability to prove your dominance.

We included this table below to show some of rewards. NOTE: This only shows what the referrer’s rewards are, and we will be updating this table with information with regards to what perks your referrals can get)

gotta refer ’em all

It’s pretty simple, bring your friends into the killer CryptoPets universe we’ve created, and you’ll be rewarded!

but only if you bring your friends

With a motivational speech that simultaneously makes you feel uncomfortable,

The CryptoPets Team

Washington, D.C.