Guide to the Stone-Age Beta


We’re excited to announce that we’ve begun the beta for our Stone-Age release! This release is a huge milestone for CryptoPioneers and our team. The Stone Age release is when CryptoPioneers comes to life, when the game really begins!

The Stone Age Beta includes:

  • Settle Island Regions, opening up Plots to be purchased by other players.
  • Gather and process basic resources including stone, wood, etc.
  • Use the resources you’ve gathered to construct buildings to start your technological advancement.
  • Collect Renown from taking actions in-game. (Renown is a special resource that will be initially used for leaderboards but we’ve got some really exciting things planned for it in the future.)

Everyone is welcome to participate in the beta. Just join our discord and follow the instructions in this guide to get started. Check out the Stone-Age Beta now!

What is CryptoPioneers?

For those of you who may be new, here is an overview of what CryptoPioneers is all about:

  • Become a Pioneer on the newly discovered planet Cryptopeia. The planet contains a number of discrete islands that vary in size and composition. Each island is then divided into hexagonal plots.
  • Play how you want. Set your own goals, develop unique strategies, CryptoPioneers gives players the freedom to define what they want to achieve.
  • Compete against or cooperate with other players in your pursuit to become the greatest Pioneer.
  • Construct a wide variety of buildings that can generate resources, refine resources, craft items or provide benefits to other buildings.
  • Collect resources that can be used for building and crafting or sell them to other players via the Marketplace.
  • Discover unique artifacts that unlock advanced technology, grant powerful bonuses and unravel the mysteries hidden within Cryptopeia.
  • Acquire entire islands giving you new ways to play. As an island owner you’ll compete with others to attract people to your island as you are rewarded for the activity that takes place on your island.

Getting Started

Setting Up Your Wallet

You’ll need meta-mask, so if you don’t already have an account, that’s where to start:

For the beta, everything will be on the Rinkeby testnet, no real Eth will be exchanged.

  • To keep things clean, you may want to create a new temporary wallet just for use with this beta.
  • Once you have your wallet, you’ll need some test Eth. Here is a faucet, instructions are provided on their page:

Signing In

With a wallet and a bit of Eth, you’re ready to go! You can access the game here:

Next, you’ll be prompted to sign into metamask and you’ll also need to make sure that you are connected to Rinkeby Test Network.

After signing into metamask you’ll need to create an account. Click on the icon in the upper right corner. You will be taken to the Account and Profile page where you create a new account or update your account information. After you create the account, you should see your username appear next to the icon in the upper right corner of the site.

Getting around the Site

Navigating the Globe

The first thing you may notice about the globe is that some islands are grey and others are in color. If an Island is grey, that means that it has not yet been released.

You can navigate around the globe a few different ways:

  • Click and drag to spin the globe.
  • Click on islands to have the globe snap to that position. When an island is currently selected, it will have a white outline.
  • Apply a filter and cycle through the list of matching islands.

Island Filtering Tool

This is our lightweight filtering tool to help you navigate Cryptopeia.

When you use this to apply a filter, the tool will place a green outline around the islands that match the filter you selected.

Additionally, you can click the left and right arrows to scroll through the items that match the filter.

Simply click on the “Show…” button and select the filter you’d like to apply

  • None = None
  • Owned = Islands you own
  • In Auction = Islands currently for sale
  • Coming Soon = Islands that are pending release for sale, includes a countdown timer to release

Viewing Islands

To view an island, just select the island that you’re interested in seeing and click “View”.

When viewing an island you’ll notice that portions of it might be covered in a “fog of war” that has a brown/sepia effect. This indicates that the region has not yet been unlocked by the island owner. If a region has been unlocked it will be seen in full color.


Islands are made up of regions and each region is made up of plots. When viewing an island you can switch between the region and plot views using the toggle at the bottom of the page.

Region mode allows you to view information related to a region, including any boosters that have been applied to that region.

  • When hovering your cursor over the island, you will see the region becomes highlighted.
  • Clicking on a region will select it and it will become raised to indicate it’s actively selected.
  • When selected you will see the region information panel. If you are the island owner, this is also where you will have the ability to unlock the region, opening up it’s plots for purchase.

Region Unlock

Island owners are able to unlock regions on their island. The island owner can choose to unlock any region on the island for the initial unlock. Additional regions can be unlocked if it meets both of these criteria:

  • It’s adjacent to another currently unlocked region
  • 75% of all plots on that island have been purchased


Switch the toggle to plots and you will be able to view and select individual plots on the island.

When hovering your cursor over the island in Plot mode, you will see the plots highlight and when selected, it will be raised.

To assist with navigating plots on an island, we’ve provided a tool that is very similar to the island filter. Select the filter you are interested in and red circles will appear on all the plots that match the filter.

Once a plot is selected you will be presented with the plot Information card. The card is divided into 3 tabs described in the following sections.

Plot Card — Summary Tab
This tab provides an overview of the plot and is also where you can buy the plot (if it is Unsold). This info includes:

  • Current Owner (if applicable)
  • Terrain Type (Not yet implemented)
  • Current Producer on Plot (Not yet implemented)
  • Purchase Cost and Button

Plot Card — Produce Tab
This tab provides information about the producer that is currently on that plot (if there isn’t a producer it will show “None”. On the plot tab you will see:

  • Image: Displays the image of the producer on the plot
  • Name: The name of the producer on the plot
  • Yield: Lists the resources that are generated by the producer as well as the % chances

If you own the plot and there is a producer on it, this is also where you will go to gather it’s resources.

Plot Card — Build Tab

The Build tab is only available if you own the selected Plot. The Build tab is where you can see what buildings are available and the costs associated with them.

You can use the scroll bar to see the buildings that are available. When you select a building, the green button will update to display the resources and cost required to build it.

Collecting Resources

Resources can be collected from producers. Producer is simply a term we use to describe anything in the game that generates a resource.

Producers can generate resources without an input required (e.g. Tropical Pine Trees) or they can require an input resource to generate the new resource (e.g. Pine Lumber Mill takes Pine Timber as an input and outputs Pine Lumber)

To collect resources from a producer you have to execute the produce transaction on the associated producer. This is done on produce tab of plot information card.

The green button on the produce tab displays the producer costs associated with that particular producer.

Once your produce transactions have been successfully processed by the network, you will see a notification that displays what you received. (Note: This notification is only a placeholder)

Producer Cooldowns

All producers have cooldown timers, most of which will between 4–24 hours. This means that you will only be able to gather resources from a producer once per cooldown. However, for this phase of the beta, we’ve reduced the cooldown so we can maximize the number of transactions for testing.

If a producer is currently on cooldown, the button on the Produce tab will be grey and will display a countdown timer.

Producer Loot Tables

The produce tab on the plot information card shows the loot table for that particular producer.

  • Base Yield: This is the base resource output for the producer. The producer will always provide the Base Yield.
  • Optimal Yield: This simulates the producer operating at increased efficiency giving increased output, but is not guaranteed.
  • Chance Yield: This is the “critical strike” for producers. Chance Yield can provide significantly increased amounts of the Base Resource or can even provide different resources.
  • Lucky Find: Some producers have the chance of uncovering powerful items, such as Artefacts.

Inventory & Marketplace

In the header of the site, you will see our navigation menu which includes the Player Profile, World View and the Inventory/Marketplace. Once you click on the Inventory icon you will be taken to your inventory.

There is a toggle at the top of this page that allows you to switch between your Inventory and the Marketplace.


The inventory page is broken down into 4 sections: Resources, Plots, Boosters, Islands. Each section only displays a limited number of items, to see all items click on the Browse More button.

My Resources: Displays all of the resource types and amounts that you own.

My Plots: Plots that you currently own.

My Boosters: Boosters (i.e. Artefacts, Scientists) that you currently own.

My Islands: Islands that you currently own.


The Marketplace is very similar to the Inventory, except the Marketplace lists items that are currently for sale. It’s also divided into sections: Resources, Plots, Islands.

  • Note: The Resources section is currently not functional, but this is where you will be able to browse and purchase resources for sale by other players.

Plot & Island Listings
The Marketplace cards for plots and islands provides an easy way to navigate to them in-game and directly place bids.

  • Clicking the Locate/View button will take you to that plot or island on the globe.
  • Using the Bid Now button will allow you to place bids on them without having to navigate to them first.

Join us!

If you have any questions or just want to chat, the best way to get in touch with us is Discord. We also have an active and growing community of friendly players that are always happy to help new players.

Discord is where we also share more frequent updates and it’s where you can get information about participating in some of the beta testing for our new releases.

‘Till next time Pioneers!

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