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Online poker truly boomed since the early 2000’s and has been growing ever since. Thousands of sites started popping up all across the internet. Sites started looking better and better over the years however there was one fundamental problem. The actual game engines, game features and logic did not really see dramatic improvements over the years.

If you compare online poker in 2008 and in 2018, the difference is merely graphic in most significant cases. Nearly the same identical game a decade later.

So why did the industry not innovate?

  1. As regulation got tighter, sites had to react and had to focus their efforts on updating their systems according to the new rules and regulations. Verification got improved and updated time and time again. This meant less time spent on game improvement.
  2. The technology simply was not there yet. Game infrastructure was only just starting up and no website truly ‘cracked’ the key until much later.
  3. As the poker boom continued, so did the competition. Poker sites started spending a large percentage of their funds towards marketing. This only just grew over the years. Technology was still neglected.

From the start of our journey, we wanted to improve the poker game from scratch. We took a look at every factor very carefully and as fellow poker players, we identified key problems that needed to be addressed. Thanks to Blockchain technology and careful innovations, poker is able to get the innovation it deserves.

Problems with online poker

Here is our research with the current state of the industry. There are many problems we looked to tackle within our Bitcoin & Ethereum based blockchain poker game. Here are some traditional problems across all major poker sites & online casinos:

Game integrity and RNG (card shuffling)

How many times were you in a game and noticed the craziest scenarios unfold before your eyes? The big factor for often seeing huge action flops where there will be an eventual badbeat is because the RNG (random number generator) technology has not shifted at all in decades.

When have you ever seen a major marketing push for a game improvement? Let me guess, its always ever been: “Come play now and get a new bonus!”, “New tournament where you can win big!” and so on..

Game integrity is the heart of any online poker game and its still using technology that is ancient. How can you truly trust these sites?

Security of funds

Just a simple google search and you can easily see how many poker scandals have happened over the years including Black Friday 2011, AbsoluteBet Scandal in 2007 and the list goes on… The main problem is that you are not in control of your funds. After they have been deposited, they are effectively property of the poker site and even in some cases, regulators are in control of your own funds.

Security for the player I — Your PC

What would happen if your PC is infected with a virus and your poker account gets hacked?

Poker sites will do nothing to recover any lost funds if your account is hacked. Their software is not equipped to handle any local threats and players have in the past lost funds due to local security issues.

Security for the player II — Third party tools

What about being up against many players using third party software such as HUD stats to track your every move and gain an advantage against you?

All major poker sites accept HUD (heads up display) stats and other tracking tools. These are readily available and some are even free. This is a major game security problem because an unfair advantage will be given to the player that has tens if not hundreds of metrics against you automatically; from how many times you do continuation bets to more advanced mathematics to try guess accurately what you are trying to do.

Security for the player III — Tracking & player privacy

How do you feel about your privacy being invaded and your statistics being publicly displayed?

For popular poker rooms like PokerStars, PartyPoker and 888 Poker, there are many database search tools available on the internet to track players win-rates and statistics. This gives players another unfair advantage and invades privacy. You can even find hand replays to be purchased for higher valued players. Evidence for this was the case of “Isildur1 Suffering a Massive Loss After Players Share Data Mined Hands & Statistics” where a high stakes player lost over $4 Million due to lack of player privacy.

Security for the player IV — Bots

Are you sure the player you are sitting next to is an actual human who makes mistakes?

Everyone knows poker is an information based game. What if you played against a player with perfect memory and can calculate their pot odds in under 0.1 seconds?

Poker bots have been a big problem in the industry and although poker sites have claimed to try and take measures against bots, they still remain a problem. A far more secure system is needed in just about every way.

Processing fees

Just about every Poker site has withdrawals fees in varying amounts. As a player, you already pay Rake so why do you also need to pay just to get your money back? Also there are occasional additional fees attached due to exchange rates or bank fees. This makes the game less profitable.

Withdrawal times

As fellow poker players, we know this pain all too well. Withdrawals can sometimes take up to 2 weeks. Why can’t this simply be instant? Better infrastructure and processes are needed.

High rake & high fees

Rake is commission paid to the site when you play a game. Research shows that Rake has been steadily increasing over the years with some games having up to 20% rake! This makes the game incredibly hard to become profitable because even most poker professionals may only have a 55% winrate. They rely on that 5% edge to make profit from the game long term. So what happens when we apply a 10% negative edge on all their games to account for rake? Players make significantly less and most profitable players actually end up actually losing money from Poker.

Lack of good player rewards programs (Rakeback)

Rakeback is the industry term for players receiving a cash bonus as they play a larger volume of games. Rakeback had its golden era which in more recent years — has been cut significantly. An example would be PokerStars Supernova Elite Removal. There were players making significant profit from playing high volume games which was removed after many years of success. The top 3 poker sites which account for 90% of the industry, only offer rakeback up to 30%* with added fees attached.

How we solved these problems

Our mission is to empower poker players worldwide through Blockchain technology. Here is how we have achieved that:

Game integrity and RNG (card shuffling)

Read our full paper on how we developed a new method of card shuffling. With our proprietary technology, cards have become more random than any online casino site because many rely on software based RNG which is scientifically proven not to be 100% random.

Security of funds

Read our full paper on all our security protocols. Thanks to the nature of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, we use a wallet system where you are in full control of your funds. We also use hardware wallets that are kept offline to aid in storing the funds and segregation techniques to minimize the potential of exposure. Since the entire system is decentralized, there is also no risk of bureaucracy.

Security for the player I — Your PC

We have equipped our software with a personal players shield that will act as an independent anti-virus and firewall. This supplements your existing system in a very specific way to protect the game even if your laptop is infected with a virus.

Security for the player II — Third party tools

Third party tools are not available and will never be. No one will be able to use any third party statistics or HUD’s. Our software will block it. We do not share any of your data with any third parties.

Security for the player III — Tracking & player privacy

Thanks to our players shield, any tracking software or bots trying to hook onto our game process would be blocked and denied access.

Security for the player IV — Bots

Our players shield also extends to Bots. In addition, we do have an automated anti-bot and anti-collusion system to detect strange anomalies. These systems run in the background 24/7. We are confident to say you will not encounter any bots across all Crypto Poker Club’s game rooms.

Processing fees

Quite simply put — there are no fees. Depositing is absolutely free. Withdrawals are absolutely free.

Withdrawal times

Thanks again to the way Cryptocurrency works — transfers are instant. There may occasionally be a small waiting time of a few hours for a transaction to be completed but in general, you will get your withdrawal in the same day.

High rake & high fees

With Bitcoin & Ethereum, there are no exchange rates. We have no additional fees other than rake throughout our entire network. Our rake is also significantly smaller. Our rake is at <5% on average. The market average is at 8–10%.

Lack of good player rewards programs (Rakeback)

Lets take a look at the rakeback percentages of 3 of the biggest poker sites in the world that make up around 90% of the market share.

PokerStars: Up to 30%

PartyPoker: Up to 40%

888 Poker: Up to 36%

Crypto Poker Club: Up to 50%

Expect some of the highest rakeback compared to any other major poker site in the market today.

How Blockchain innovates the gaming industry

Here is an awesome article via our friends at VentureBeat. Breakdown of how the gaming industry will be affected.

The Blockchain revolution is coming one way or another. Poker and other game platforms will have to start adapting and improving pretty quickly or else they will be left behind. Technologies such as VR, AR, Blockchain and more will be prevalent and its a great new future we will all soon see!

Join the Poker Evolution

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