Over 1 Million Hands Played! Platform Updates & News — 4 Months after launching!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

Crypto Poker Club
Sep 9, 2018 · 6 min read

What a ride it has been so far — in this post we will reveal what we have been up to all these months post launch and our network progress. We will also reveal some key updates and our future road-map.

Screenshot of our windows client sent by a regular player during our peak hours!

The Numbers

As of this week, we have surpassed 1 Million Hands Played!

We have seen over 220% growth month on month across both our BTC and ETH Lobby in player traffic and activity.

We have kick started our biggest Rakerace event ever at prizes of $6,000. This is double of what it was back in July. We look to double the rakerace event again in October!

In August, we started giving out 200% instant first deposit bonuses which will now remain. You can get a 100% bonus twice (once for BTC and once for ETH) — this makes our bonus the best in the world out of any other poker site.

We recently revamped our Ambassadors programme where partners can now get 60% rakeback and up to 35% revenue share based on performance. We also introduced the ability to create your own games, tournaments and even host private games!

Last month we also increased our Freerolls to every hour rather than every 2 hours. Not only did we increase the number of daily Freerolls but we also doubled the prizepools of each tournament.

In the past 2 months, we have released a total of 19 patch updates and platform changes for improvements. We have been working around the clock to deliver a better. Thats about a new update every 3 days!

Screenshot of real multi-table gameplay — Crypto Poker Club

Security Updates

As you may have read from our whitepaper, we operate under very strict security modules against cheating, hacking, bots and more. Over the past two months we have been on a mission in the background improving our detection methods and have hired a private 3rd party to aid in consulting.

Since our launch 4 months ago, our detection systems have caught:

  • A whopping 287 fraud & collusion attempts — protecting you against cheaters or groups
  • Blocked 61 bot attempts — protecting you against one of the biggest issues in online poker today
  • Stopped 39 Instances of chip dumping in tournaments — ensuring fair play!

We have continued to improve our systems and its safe to say we are now more secure than ever before. We feel security is one of the biggest problems in online poker which we look to tackle.

Software Updates

The majority of our time has been to double down on development rather than pushing out marketing like most sites. As mentioned earlier we have released 19 patch updates in just the last two months and a total of 37 updates in total since launching!

Real snapshot taken from Sunday 9th September 2018 cash games on BTC & ETH — showcasing multi-tabling 12 tables on a regular screen!

New Tournament Schedule

Our tournaments have been completely reworked based on the feedback we got from our players. The tournaments below are also mirrored onto our ETH lobby with the same buy-ins (as mETH equivalent) and in the same times.

All tournaments have a guaranteed prizepool with only 3 players needed to start the game! Highly profitable MTT’s!


  • NLHE HYPER TURBO 0.1 MBTC ($0.7 Buy-in) [GTD $7+] @ 12:00 UTC
  • NLHE TURBO 0.1 MBTC ($0.7 Buy-in) [GTD $7+] @ 14:00 UTC
  • NLHE HYPER TURBO 0.2 MBTC ($1.4 Buy-in) [GTD $14+] @ 16:00 UTC
  • PLO HYPER TURBO 0.5 MBTC ($3.5 Buy-in) [GTD $35+] @ 18:00 UTC
  • NLHE HYPER TURBO 0.2 MBTC ($1.4 Buy-in) [GTD $14+] @ 19:00 UTC
  • NLHE HYPER TURBO 0.5 MBTC ($3.5 Buy-in) [GTD $35+] @ 20:00 UTC


  • NLHE HYPER TURBO 2 MBTC ($14 Buy-in) [GTD $85+] @ 16:00 UTC
  • NLHE TURBO 1 MBTC ($7 Buy-in) [GTD $70+] @ 18:00 UTC
  • PLO TURBO 1 MBTC ($7 Buy-in) [GTD $70+] @ 21:00 UTC
  • NLHE PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUT 1 MBTC ($7 Buy-in) [GTD $70+] @ 22:00 UTC
  • NLHE HYPER TURBO 1 MBTC ($7 Buy-in) [GTD $70+] @ 23:00 UTC
  • NLHE DEEPSTACK 2 MBTC ($14 Buy-in) [GTD $85+] @ 12:00 UTC
  • NLHE TURBO KNOCKOUT 2 MBTC ($14 Buy-in) [GTD $85+] @ 17:00 UTC


  • PLO DEEPSTACK 4 MBTC ($28 Buy-in) [GTD $150+] @ 14:00 UTC
  • NLHE PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUT 3 MBTC ($20 Buy-in) [GTD $200+] @ 16:00 UTC
  • NLHE HYPER TURBO 3 MBTC ($20 Buy-in) [GTD $200+] @ 18:00 UTC
  • NLHE TURBO 5 MBTC ($35 Buy-in) [GTD $200+] @ 20:00 UTC
  • NLHE DEEPSTACK 10 MBTC ($70 Buy-in) [GTD $600+] @ 23:00 UTC


  • NLHE DEEPSTACK 15 MBTC ($105 Buy-in) [GTD $850+] @ 18:00 UTC
  • PLO DEEPSTACK 20 MBTC ($142 Buy-in) [GTD $1000+] @ 20:00 UTC
  • NLHE DEEPSTACK 40 MBTC ($284 Buy-in) [GTD $2000+] @ 22:00 UTC
  • NLHE DEEPSTACK 100 MBTC ($700 Buy-in) [GTD $5000+] @ 00:00 UTC
High stakes PLO cash games as of 20th September 2018!

Competitions and Bonuses Updates

Our latest bonus update allows a user to get a first deposit INSTANT bonus of 100% TWICE making it one of the biggest poker bonuses ever!

There is a new page to keep up to date with all our competitions and bonuses: https://cryptopokerclub.io/competitions

Example of our monthly Rakeraces

We have doubled down on our monthly competitions now reaching $6,000 in prizes. Our plan is to continue setting up bigger competitions every month which is in-line of our missions to become the most profitable online poker game in the world!

Our Roadmap — Whats next?

We are on the mission to become the most trusted Crypto Poker platform on the planet as well as the most profitable poker site ever. We are looking at ways to improve your experience as well as new ways of giving back through strong VIP programmes, bonuses and weekly/monthly competitions.

Our future Roadmap plan looks like this:

  • Build an on-board coin exchange service exclusive for club members to exchange coins on the platform at lower rates than all exchanges making it easy to play across multiple currency tables without having to withdraw then exchange then deposit back.
  • Supporting all the major coins such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple and more!
  • Adding both iOS and Android Apps to the platform for mobile users.
  • Adding more game types such as shorthanded poker, Chinese poker and zoom poker.
  • Expanding the group to support other games (such as Blackjack, Roulette, ect) on a separate but connected platform with one unified profitable VIP programme like never seen before! More on this will be revealed next year.
  • Linking the new games and additional platforms with our decentralized Tripple-Factor RNG system and our innovative multi-layered security modules.

We hope the first two points will be ready by the end of this year with the rest of the points being met by mid-late 2019!

Homepage: www.cryptopokerclub.io

Media contact: info@cryptopokerclub.io

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