CryptoPolice changing the name to the TrustSearch!

Dear CryptoPolice community,

We have major announcement Today.

As you all know, we have been actively moving the CryptoPolice project forward in the CV Labs incubation program. During these 10 weeks, we have improved the project substantially, working with mentors, talking with potential clients and coding the product forward.

This whole learning process leads us to the conclusion that internet users tend to care about protection against scam and fraud only than when they have been attacked. On a daily basis, they don’t want to use a tool or pay for a tool that protects them.

But we found out that people tend to look for trust on a daily basis, reading website reviews about companies, products and websites.

Based on that we understood that we have to provide trust analysis on the internet, which is a much broader focus, than only protection from scam and fraud. So this is how we became the TrustSearch!

So next time you will want to check the trustworthiness of websites and companies, you can go to, where we gather existing information around the web about websites and companies and motivate internet users to leave reviews, reports and more information about websites and companies, motivating them with our tokens. In case you will check the trustworthiness of a website that turns out to be a scam then you will also be notified and protected from scam. So, as you see, the spirit of CryptoPolice is alive and will be living further on now with the new name “TrustSearch

The current Beta version of TrustSearch web version you can visit here: and the beta version for the TrustSearch browser extension, where you can earn tokens for giving reports, is here:

With love for bringing trust online,

TrustSearch team

CryptoPolice is a platform that helps bring together community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud.