Dear CryptoPolice community,

We have major announcement Today.

As you all know, we have been actively moving the CryptoPolice project forward in the CV Labs incubation program. During these 10 weeks, we have improved the project substantially, working with mentors, talking with potential clients and coding the product forward.

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This whole learning process leads us to the conclusion that internet users tend to care about protection against scam and fraud only than when they have been attacked. On a daily basis, they don’t want to use a tool or pay for a tool that protects them.

But we found out that people tend to look for trust on a daily basis, reading website reviews about companies, products and websites. …

Dear CryptoPolice community, bounty hunters and every person involved!

This announcement is about the future development of CryptoPolice regarding the plans about the token sale, exchange and bounties.

1. Future development of CryptoPolice

As you may have already read that CryptoPolice has been accepted to CryptoValley Accelerator program in Zug to build the product further.

During this program, we have pivoted the project from solely fighting online fraud and scam to a project that is building trust on the internet, because we see that internet users are looking for Trustworthiness of websites, not only websites potential to be a “Scam and Fraud”.

Dear CryptoPolice community!

After a few months of concentrated work, we have some excellent news for you!

Due to sufficient personal funding and thanks to each and one of you who have supported our project in the early stage the funding that we received allowed us to get this far with product development!

The next WatchDog version which will help you to protect yourselves from scams, fraud and phishing on the Internet is now open for download at Chrome Store and free of charge.

Please take into account that your feedback is welcome because we see this current version still like the beginning of the WatchDog 1.0, …

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Fighting scam and making the internet a better place is the primary goal of CryptoPolice. Our products and officers are doing this. Up to this point, the system required for our officers to hold and store their OFCR coins to keep the status of the officer. We are delighted to announce that these tokens will now make you extra income with the help of our new partner — Nodexo.

But how?

Keep reading, and you will know everything about this fantastic opportunity!

In this post you will learn about:

1. What is Nodexo and masternodes?

2. How to earn more OFCR by investing in masternodes? …

It is our pleasure to announce that Denis Eliseev is joining our ranks as a product development and branding advisor.

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Denis Eliseev is an expert in Cyber Security Business field and has been in the cybersecurity field for the last eight years. Denis is the CEO of Bitdefender exclusive distributor in Russia, a World leading cybersecurity and anti-virus software company, offering anti-virus software, internet security software, endpoint security software, and other cybersecurity products and services. Their security delivery infrastructure protects 500 million users globally, and they have received a wealth of awards each year for their visionary solutions.

Bitdefender works with government organisations, large enterprises, SMEs, and private individuals across more than 150 countries. They are dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges and needs of each of these user segments. …

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Over the past month, we’ve been busy updating our website. After gathering all of the feedback from our users, supporters, partners and advisers and analyzing the general trends of the industry, we are finally proud to announce the release of our newly updated site.

The updated design and simplified structure will make the website more convenient for users and all the important information will be easily accessible. We made a greater emphasis on our main products WatchDog and Escrow and made sure our features and overall concept is crystal clear.

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But the updates don’t apply only to the design and structure of the website. With time we realized that we are so much more than just cryptocurrency police, we are a platform that can withstand the whole Internet fraud. From now on CryptoPolice positions itself as a scam identification protocol. …

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Our developers and programmers have been working hard for past few weeks to deliver the newest version of our WatchDog Alpha (0.2.0).

Now, let’s have a closer look at the demo version and its functions. The version of WatchDog you see today is only a demo version with basic functionality:we are still developing the main features of the product, like the multi-level verification algorithm, together with the Information Technology Institute of Riga Technical University.

The main goal we want to achieve with this demo version is to test the technology and get early feedback from the community and our partners.

It has been an exciting experience for us and so here are the main updates we made to WatchDog extension. …

This is a really important and exciting day for us and our community. As we said in our last announcement, we have switched our main focus from the Token Sale to the development of the WatchDog notification system. It has been an exciting period, diving fully into extreme programming mode and bringing our idea from scratch to a real working prototype. Now we are ready to present you with the WatchDog 0.1.6 and show you some of its possibilities.

We have already introduced you to our WatchDog product, but in case you missed it, WatchDog is a notification system that notifies users about scams and red flags on the Internet. …

On May 19–20, the CryptoPolice team attended the WBC Summit Moscow 2018, and we are finally ready to summarize this trip and share some exciting news. Almost 2000 visitors attended the WBC Summit during two days; the general program was 44 hours, and the audience could access the wisdom and experience of 250 speakers from 68 countries. But apart from the conference itself, our team further developed already existing connections and moved forward with a number of partnerships.

While in Moscow, we met with the Russia executive team representing the Bitdefender’s interests and agreed on further interaction and partnership development.

In order to provide the best possible product, protect the community at the highest level, and eliminate all risks of corruption and fraud within the CryptoPolice platform, we have partnered with the Information Technology Institute of Riga Technical University. This is the largest and academically strongest university level information technology institution in Latvia and has strong academic traditions: it prepares professionals with vocational higher education and conducts research in the field of information technology.

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The Information Technology Institute of Riga Technical University (ITI) carries out research in the fields of enterprise integration, business process optimization, data analysis, and system simulation. These projects are often done in partnership with businesses. The possibilities of digitalizing documents were studied in partnership with Accenture Latvia, the automatic vehicle routing problem was simulated and planned in partnership with PwC, and the adaptation of complex systems to user needs was studied in partnership with ZZ Dats. Within the European Union framework projects, mathematical optimization models are also being developed for foreign companies such as SIV (Germany) and Everis (Spain). The results of the Institute’s research are regularly presented at major international modeling conferences such as the Winter Simulation Conference and the European Conference of Simulation Modeling and are published in internationally recognized scientific publications. …



CryptoPolice is a platform that helps bring together community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud.

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