Dear CryptoPolice community,

We have major announcement Today.

As you all know, we have been actively moving the CryptoPolice project forward in the CV Labs incubation program. During these 10 weeks, we have improved the project substantially, working with mentors, talking with potential clients and coding the product forward.

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This whole learning process leads us to the conclusion that internet users tend to care about protection against scam and fraud only than when they have been attacked. On a daily basis, they don’t want to use a tool or pay for a tool that protects them.

But we found out that people tend to look for trust on a daily basis, reading website reviews about companies, products and websites. …

Dear CryptoPolice community, bounty hunters and every person involved!

This announcement is about the future development of CryptoPolice regarding the plans about the token sale, exchange and bounties.

1. Future development of CryptoPolice

As you may have already read that CryptoPolice has been accepted to CryptoValley Accelerator program in Zug to build the product further.

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During this program, we have pivoted the project from solely fighting online fraud and scam to a project that is building trust on the internet, because we see that internet users are looking for Trustworthiness of websites, not only websites potential to be a “Scam and Fraud”.

Dear CryptoPolice community!

After a few months of concentrated work, we have some excellent news for you!

Due to sufficient personal funding and thanks to each and one of you who have supported our project in the early stage the funding that we received allowed us to get this far with product development!

The next WatchDog version which will help you to protect yourselves from scams, fraud and phishing on the Internet is now open for download at Chrome Store and free of charge.

Please take into account that your feedback is welcome because we see this current version still like the beginning of the WatchDog 1.0, …

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