Waltonchain is state sponsored… I have proof (Part 2)

In my post earlier today, I outlined how Dragonsoft — a key high-tech enterprise of the National Government’s Torch Plan — owns a portion of Waltonchain subsidiary — Xiamen ZhongChuan IoT Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. I promised to expand on the fact that Dragonsoft “focuses on equipment development in the field of military training and technology research,” as well as other links Waltonchain has to the People’s Liberation Army. Finally, I will elaborate on the other official Shareholders of ZhongChuan IoT.

Dragonsoft — full background info:

Military and IoT related products listed on the website:

So you can clearly see that Dragonsoft is primarily focused on high-tech Military related products and services. They even have an aircraft carrier on their homepage!

Back to Waltonchain

Zhongchuan IoT has its own page on Alibaba Cloud’s IoT Marketplace. I feel like each of the below IoT products / programs deserve an article to cover the broad scope and bigger picture implications, but for now we will just focus on one — RFID Ordinance Management.

This page describes the program in detail. Here is a summary of how this RFID weapons management program will work:

The RFID gun management system uses a network to connect locations such as offices, general stores, sub-libraries, and training grounds, making it convenient to count, inquire, and track weapons.
The RFID gun management system RFID readers are installed in all aspects of the circulation and use of weapons, enabling the regulatory system to manage and query the information on where the weapons are stored or where they are located, their use units, their uses, and estimated time of arrival. The management and tracking of weapons alone can quickly find the key links if problems arise. By giving the user a method of wearing an RFID tag, the user can be bound to the firearm while reading the range through the RFID reader.

So to summarize what we have so far — Waltonchain’s subsidiary is co-owned by a state sponsored high-tech Military grade equipment provider, and, among the broad array of IoT products and services it has listed on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace, offers an RFID weapons management product. It’s safe to say Waltonchain is going to be relied on by the People’s Liberation Army in some capacity.

The public (mother) blockchain of Waltonchain supports unlimited, consensus agnostic child-chains, which can be public, private or a hybrid. This is the perfect solution for big government data, which is sensitive, but has immense value across entire industries. Waltonchain allows for sensitive data (like names and phone numbers) to be kept completely private and unknown, while seamlessly sharing useful data (like dust particle levels in neighboring cities, or smart vehicle data) across industry specific child-chains.

Moving On…

Next —I want to shift back to the purpose of the original post. I will cover the other official Shareholders of this Waltonchain subsidiary, which were not mentioned in the previous article. Some of them are directly linked to or partnered with the Chinese national government. Here is the full Shareholder information table:

5 — Southeast Hechuang (Xiamen) Elevator Safety Technology Co., Ltd.

The website link is broken, and google results using the english name were unsuccessful.

6 — Xiamen Zhilian ICT Network Technology Co., Ltd.

This is an IoT company that wasn’t born from a Chinese national economic project directly, but found it’s way into a few later on. Founded in 2007, it was chosen for it’s first national project in 2014, and most recently in 2016 (and most familiarly) was a key project in a National Urban Lighting Outsource program:

The enterprise is the entity responsible for the National Thirteenth Five-Year Key R&D Project “R&D and Demonstration of Highly Efficient Energy Systems and Intelligent Control Technology for Public Institutions”. It is also a key project of the National Internet Development Corporation’s IoT major demonstration project — “Outsourcing of Urban Lighting Internet of Things Operation Platform Project “the only unit to bear.

7 — Xiamen Pleasure Technology Co., Ltd.

No website link, and I am frankly scared to google that company’s name.

8 —Xiamen Yucheng Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd.

This company is a high-tech investment fund used to promote national level projects, and is based in Xiamen. Projects range from the SME Technology Innovation Fund — which is the multi-billion dollar Chinese investment fund with a focus on Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

“ In 1999, China established a dedicated Innovation Fund to enhance the capability of SMEs to engage in S&T innovation, and to encourage local authorities, enterprises, venture capitalists and financial institutions to increase investment in technology innovation by SMEs. The Innovation Fund provides financial support in the form of grants, loan interest subsidies and equity investment, as well as technical support to innovative SMEs.”

(So in essence, Yucheng Venture Capital is acting as an arm of the Chinese Government by providing investment capital in high-tech, innovative companies like Waltonchain.)

And projects extend to the 863 Program:

“The 863 Program… is a program administered by the government of the People’s Republic of China intended to stimulate the development of advanced technologies in a wide range of fields for the purpose of rendering China independent of financial obligations for foreign technologies.”

Here is the full introduction of this part-owner of Waltonchain’s subsidiary — Yucheng Venture Capital:

9 —TZYD (Xiamen) Electronics Technology Co

This one is a fast growing high-tech corporation who specializes in manufacturing and marketing Healthcare, Consumer Electronics and Safe Guard Electronics. It was awarded the honor of being one of 16 Crucial Industrial Projects in Fujian Province in 2010. Interesting (crudely translated) bit from the link above:

“ With covering an area of 30,000 square meters facility, carring the capable R&D ability, as well as the reliable service spirit. TZYD now is developing to a diversified business group, involved in industries of family care, photoelectronics, guarantee, as well as catering.”

10 —Xiamen Lilin Group Co., Ltd.

A very successful robot vacuum manufacturer, based in Xiamen.

  • Revenue > $100mill
  • Employees >500
  • largest market share is in Europe (50%) and most products are exported out of China.

Not much I can gather about this company except the above facts from various e-commerce sites.

11 —Xiamen Di Nike Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

From the website — DNAKE is a group of companies that work together to fulfill our domestic and international reputation and target. Based on our innovative R&D resources, we establish new companies to extend our product range. The group consists of the following companies:

XIAMEN DNAKE INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.: An entity created for manufacturing various intercom products, such as analogue video door phone, SIP & Android video door phone, IP public intercom, smart home and wireless video doorbell.
XIAMEN DNAKE PARKING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.: An entity created to supply the parking guidance and parking lot system and solution.
XIAMEN WORLD-LINKING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.: An entity created for designing smart home, intelligent hotel system and smart lock.
XIAMEN DNAKE ENVIRONMENTAL INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.: An entity created for supplying intelligent ventilation system, water purification system, water & air quality monitoring and floor heating system.
DNAKE HAWK WISDOM IOT TECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.: An entity created for supplying IOT elevator control, dynamic environment monitoring system, industrial IOT, agricultural IOT and smart sensor.
FUZHOU DNAKE IOT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.: An entity created for supplying NB-IoT application, energy monitoring, analysis & management, rental housing management solution and smart campus management system
With great growth of sales volume which reaches 30% each year, DNAKE branches provide service for 320 cities and surrounding areas in China and cooperate with strategic partners over the global market. We have been awarded as one of “Top 10 brands” in China from 2011 to 2017. We take full responsibility for our actions and decisions, and assure to provide the best after-sales service.

The origins of Waltonchain are starting to be unraveled, and with this data about the Shareholders, we can predict what kind of use cases Waltonchain has in the works but has not yet revealed! Moving along.

12 — Xiamen Wuzhilian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

This is an Internet of Things solution provider and service provider focusing on smart rail transportation, military police firefighting information, and commodity anti-counterfeit traceability as its core business. Oh hey — another military connection!

“It has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with Southwest Jiaotong University, Beijing Jiaotong University, China Railway Southwest Research Institute, and Beijing Subway

The above partners of Wuzhilian are all state level entities. But what I find most interesting about this company is the broad range of products it has listed. For example:

Mass scanning equipment
Smartphone compatible cases and apps
Waltonchain + Sentry guns?!

I hope this article helped expand your knowledge about Waltonchain and it’s deep rooted ties to the Chinese National Government, the Chinese Military, and some other very interesting high tech companies. Look out for more on ZhongChuan IoT — the website has some unannounced global leading companies listed as partners, including China Unicom!