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A timed Jackpot Dapp with a new twist.

Feb 9, 2019 · 3 min read

Hi, CryptoPuff here. I am the creator of

I’ve been an advocate for the crypto world for years. I bought my first bitcoin when it was just $371.96! Sure wish I’d purchased more back then! Since then it’s been quite a roller-coaster of emotions as I witnessed the great bull run of 2017 and the drought of 2018. I’ve participated in some ICOs and traded for some interesting alt coins. I currently hold about 15 different coins and tokens.

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What is is a front end for the Ethjackpot contract. The actual contract is located at address 0x657f73cb1877eb98ddd3381d825613336d8b8dbe. The website is just an easy way to access the smart contract and make transactions. You can also interact with the contract right on etherscan.

I made the Ethjackpot contract to solve some of the issues I’ve seen in the world of cryptocoins. I’ve lost and made Ether in different ICOs and through different smart contracts. One contract was hacked and depleted of all its ETH, another was a pump and dump scam, and another promising one had its developers just leave the scene, leaving investors to fend for themselves. I’ve also been lucky enough to get in with a few projects that took off pretty well and are still going very strong.

The Contract

The Contract consists of multiple dynamics to entice buying and deter selling. Here I’ll go over the jackpot, SKY token and what being the leader means.

24HR Jackpot

The jackpot is the center of the system. It is funded by anybody who buys into the contract. 5% of all buy ins and sell outs go directly to the jackpot. The last person to buy a full token becomes the leader and is in the running to win the jackpot if the timer hits 0. Every buy in resets the jackpot timer to 24 hours. Once the timer hits 0 the ETH in the jackpot is dispersed. Half of it goes to the leader and the rest is dispersed evenly to each SKY token (raising the value of the SKY token).

The jackpot is there to make sure there is always activity in the contract helping to prevent the contract from going stagnant.

SKY Token

SKY is acquired when ETH is sent to the contract. It is a store of value. It goes up with every buy, sell or jackpot win. It can never go lower in value as long as the contract exists. This prevents the possibility of a pump and dump situation. There is no reason to try to time the market. SKY tokens do not earn a dividend like some other tokens. Instead the value gets pumped into the tokens boosting their value directly.


Earlier, I explained that buying a full token earns you the title of leader. The leader isn’t just in line to win the jackpot. As the leader you are also entitled to 2.5% of all the sells. Buying in during a sell-off can actually earn you ETH! Feel free to FUD!


There are plans in development for the near future to create an ecosystem around the Ethjackpot contract. We are still in the very early stages of! Join the discussion on discord.

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I am the owner and creator of!

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